• aagainstfurr

    Ok, the freak that is sticking up for her by saying anyone that doesnt want to hear her sik colachy newborn baby with fetaL alchohol syndrom stench of a voice, must b an old dude? Lets just put it this way, ur a very uneducated weird little girl who probably hads no friends except kesha ( in ur retard of an imagination, that is). Yes we all went through our junior high n high school years and with age comes better judgment, but seriously, she makes me sik because i actually like music for real. The great peter griffin once said this about christina agulara( in so mamy words) and it couldnt b mor true for this yuky hooker. you r offending all of my senses at once, cuz you look like u came out of the trash and i feel like ur so grimy and gross that i can actuallu taste ur greasy stench.

  • animalistic machine

    Ke$ha, be my wife! 😀 yeah? i'll treat you right(:

  • John. Cena

    Pennsylvania. I hope ke$ha is a boy she really looks like it in 9th grade and on the new years show I wanna suck her ding dong

  • Allie Howard

    Everyone complaining about seeing pictures of her and hearing her music-don't search for them and don't listen to it! So what if she's not the hottest most talented musician out there? Does it really affect your life in a negative way? Didn't think so.

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