Nothing beats a great smile (22 Photos)

  • thomas

    this is fucking fantastic

  • Mike

    nothing beats a great smile… well besides boobs!

    • DaddyD

      Take the smile. It will last longer.

    • Coldzilla

      And if you can find em BOTH in the same package = WIN!

    • J P

      and ASS…. T & A!!! T & A!!!

      • HellHath NoLife

        cut that shit out

  • 8888

    Is number 5 smiling? My eyes do not go that high.

  • sddsdsd


  • robsterling

    …………#10 – Becca Manns FTW!

    • japtrap

      The sweetest taste of pussy EVER!!

    • Long Duck Dong

      Never heard of her. Just Google imaged her….um…..hello Becca!

      • joemama

        who is that standing next to her?!? wow

        • Mr McCOol

          talk about a torn up looking meat curtainy mess…. how many football players plugged that hole!

  • Dave

    #11 love it with the halo suit.
    It'll be nice to have a post on sexy geek girls.
    Meanwhile, keeps smiling, tomorow, sexy chivers!!!

  • Danny P

    Nothing beats a smile, except a great set of tits – ala #5

  • BigDingo

    awesome post… 11 wins because of what a huge nerd I am

    • Patrick


    • SJay

      Aye. Agreed.

    • Ian

      if you noticed the halo suit first, i have news for you

  • Anonymous

    This should be a daily, therapeutic post.

  • Pancho

    Great post, would definitely like MOAR of #10, and before you ask, both of 'em

  • Ben

    1,7, 17-18 are the winners

    • Ben

      NOT 7. 8, I meant 8!

  • Integralus

    Thanks Chive for reminding me of my loneliness with beautiful smiles of some highly desirable women.
    Maybe start a Chive dating service? I'd be game.
    I love you #11, along with everyone else here.

  • rick

    6,8,9,12 6,8,9,12 6 FTW

  • Brad

    Nothing beats a great smile…

    …and a pair of big boobs (as in #5).

  • hoernchen

    #1 #11 and #19 make me feel all warm inside

  • isawoj

    Not a duck in the bunch.

  • cuntyboy

    you got a prutty muth.

  • John

    Hey all, we know there's some issues with the comments. We're making a few adjustments to the site today and we'll get everything back to normal here in short order.

    • Dave

      John, I want an application for my ipad please.

  • Big M

    These Smile posts are my favorite…as good or better than the Sexy Chivettes.

    I'd also love to see a posts that feature girls with pony tails (or pig tails for the Pedos)…or maybe combine the smile and pony tails a post so epic that it would rip a hole in time.

    • Spencer Thomson

      i hate you

      • Big M

        Haters gonna Hate

  • Lisa_Martin

    ………..#14 haz a bunny. Nom nom nom. 🙂 (That girl does look like she could go bat shit crazy on ya tho.)

    • V4Vendetta14

      Glen Close boiled the bunny in Fatal Attraction. This girl will eat the bunny!!! Far more badass!!!

  • stafferty

    This is one of my favorite posts in a while. All these girls have the sexy "girls next dorr" that we don't always see here. Made my day a lot better, thanks

    • Its-a me, Mario

      These total hotties look nothing like my neighbors. I dont see anything like this on my block even. I'm thinking I should move… They are out there, are they not?

  • Simple

    I approve of this gallery.

  • Dude

    YOU LIE. I searched this whole page and did not find any smiles.

  • Rick

    The sexiest thing a girl can wear is definitely a smile 🙂

  • Jennifer Diamond

    #14….animal cruelty much? First she bites it, then she boils it…

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