Nothing beats a great smile (22 Photos)

  • Jason

    You said it man. Nothing like a smile – Fuck the duck face! Fuck the duck face in the FACE!

  • fedd

    eat a bunny's ear, would you

  • Kibble

    #4 is the girl from the band "lights" Please post more of her.

    • toby

      she is lights

  • Beggar

    Please moar 4. Moar moar moar 4

    • Guest

      I have an personally autographed poster on my wall 🙂

  • Matty

    #1 is my friend Cassie! HAHA! But #11 makes me a happy panda



  • guest

    we want moar #11 >:)

  • Thomas Wachnicki

    my god the number one !!!

  • ne14fuun
  • dunno01

    MOAR 3, 8, 9,10 and 11!!!
    Bonus point to 11 for being in what looks like a pretty kickass halo costume

  • Coldzilla

    More of 17 please!

  • Aloysius Jenkins

    Still love #19.

  • Brandon

    this is how i rate chicks: #1 Legs, #2 Eyes, #3 Smile

    girls have to have a great smile!

  • Stan

    #1 all day

  • tag

    3 and 8 are my favorites.

  • Jet Lag Li

    Finally, some respect for the ladies (I mean, not-so-much-oriented-on-the-boobs post)… And congratulations to the Chive for catching the aforementioned ladies in that moment of the day they are not in the kitchen…

  • burdhntr

    This even beats the "More Tush" Collection. Love it!

  • Dingo

    #14 "eating bunnies makes me so damn happy"

  • munesan

    chive you need to have more galleries like this girls with beautiful smiles are the best

  • cody

    who is #22.? she looks really familiar

  • Jim

    I wish I had white teeth, must go brush them now 😦

  • God

    #20 can marry me

  • mase

    more taryn southern please

  • Snicker

    Lights and Summer Glau. Good post if you ask me.

  • bpoy

    Best ever post Chive. Thanks

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