Nothing beats a great smile (22 Photos)

  • GM3

    Chive, find number 11 and tell her I'm in love with her. She is really beautiful 🙂

  • Mickey

    I think #1 is Sam from iCarly

  • Jmac2586

    I want to meet #11 🙂

  • thetech2

    nothing except a great set of tits

  • Dan

    #4 is a canadian singer. her name is Lights and she is kinda unknown but she is awesome. she makes awesome songs (kinda girly) but she plays WoW all the time and even has a tattoo of some sword in the game on her arm

  • Greg

    Girls, always smile in photos! It is so much better than all the other crap like duck faces. This post proves it.

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    Honey's. All.

  • Alfred

    #9 is Aussie singer Delta Goodrem! Babe!

  • Viking

    One of the most attractive features. Great gallery.

  • cristian

    where is Jennifer love Hewitt? smile of all smiles I demand a full post of just her now!

  • BloodScrubber

    One of lifes little treasures. To see a woman smile. WIN for Chive!

  • Northman

    #3 wins hands down.

  • Ash

    16 is Sarah Carter, and she's awesome.

  • sanji

    nice post beside sexy chiver! hope to see more of these smiles! def made my day..

  • J.T.

    # 5, 8 & 21

  • ZimDog40

    #5 all the way, Absolutely amazing I want MOAR of her or at least a name!

  • Cracken

    Who is 17??

  • Why Not?

    i think 2 is Alison Haislip and i don't see a smile in 5, please help…

  • @txt2verse

    I add my approval as well √
    Chive, time for a great smile gallery trend

    I'm a portrait photographer, when you add a great smile + cute girl = awesome!

  • Jorge Pimentel

    #11 forever and ever

  • Ely

    EPIC Gallery! Cant believe this kind of awesomness

  • Jono

    #8 is gorgeous!

  • toastymoe

    #4 wins… hands down!

  • Sir Eitan

    I think im in love, how many girls im allowed to marry in the states?

  • troublesleeping

    who is #19? find her please

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