Nothing beats a great smile (22 Photos)

  • Notagree

    Yesss!! Big Boobs definitely beat great smile…

  • mmmm

    need more 11!!! so hot

  • fres

    smile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> duck face

  • Cory

    Smiles is possibly my new favorite gallery.

  • Bisketz

    My lord! The chive needs a dating site!

  • Bud Ugly

    Considering I just fell in love with about half these women, I agree. A good smile (on an attractive woman, of course) beats all.

  • nerdRage

    is 21 Zooey Deschanel ?

  • IloveGirl1

    WHO's # 1? That's twice I've fallen for her now (first was in the chicks with glasses compilation) Moar!

  • Ellis

    Can you please find #8. Unbelievably beautiful.

  • MMAN87

    HAHA Yesss….galleries like this are what it is all about. Beautiful women, beautiful smiles…I learned in psych class that expressions tend to be contagious to others, especially smiling. I def smiled when I saw these pics, and burst out laughing at #14 haha…CRAAZY girl!

  • less10percent

    What a pleasure to see all these beautiful smiles instead of duckfaces!!!

    • Doug

      You said it right.

  • V. Putin

    I just need a bottle of fine Russian vodka, some strong Russian rope, some Ukranian duct tape, and address of vixen on left side of number 10. I will be in Winter Palace with handgela if anyone need me.

    Bush loves fat ladies.

  • chris.h

    i know who #11 is 🙂 if you want to know then like this and i'll tell you 😛

    • Ollie Q.

      why must you keep this secret

  • Redheadzbsexy

    #11's eyes match her armor color, whaddya know

  • Escobar

    Love #16. Sarah Carter is a total babe. And she's Canadian too. With a smile like that, I'd be distracted enough to walk straight into a telephone pole.

  • Kyle

    #1 is luminous. #5 is awesome.

  • Will Harding

    @11 is Alona Tal, she's the chick that plays Kat in Halo Reach MOAR!!!!!

  • Bryan

    FTW: #4 #10

  • Yo!

    She's eating the poor thing alive

  • bill

    wow omg,there all beautiful

  • Motis

    #5 and #12 totally awesome love to see a woman smile!!

  • Swarley

    #3 #9 #13 #17 #19

  • Bryce Willits

    #4 BLEH!!!

  • grovermatic

    Well done! Not that I mind my usual daily dose of chively misogyny, but kudos appreciating beauty for beauty's sake!

  • gomez6491

    theres a reason why u number 1, number 1

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