‘Things that Bouce’ Thursday (10 GIFS)

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  • Amanda

    #6 not pedophilia, just bad taste.

  • whooooaaaaaa

    they should have cut bababooey out of the gif….

  • rawnoyz

    i gotta question for the ladies… when you drop it low or shake it in front of a camera like that, do you want us guys to admire your talent or want us to wanna hit that hard?

  • tomorrowbystorm

    Where can I see the whole vid for #12 please? holy cripes on toast!

  • Jay-Dee

    Gravity is working for us guys…. and by god its a beautiful thing

  • Fe_man08

    omg i cant believe i can ask more from you people, you are the best for these posts, but for all that is holy, i would give my RIGHT nut for more #11, and more hot ,big…talent redheads. btw who the hell is that?! and why is she not the new national icon?

  • grenadefree

    ..who is number 9

  • jkfdjk

    FINALY! Miley cyrus on the chive! U guys do know she's 18 now right? no longer jail bait.

    • its_forge

      Or will be next week anyway.

  • Zacka

    #6 = CREEPY

    #9 = potentially creepy but she can shke it so ill let it slide

    the rest = EPIC!!!

  • CDP_90069

    Is this a new regular feature?
    Things That Bounce (TOP and BOTTOM editions) blew me away (giggity) last week…

  • Cqcumber

    i want to be hugged by #11

  • phideauxe

    wtf w/ the underage chicks chive. keep it up and we'll all end up in jail…..

    • its_forge

      Even if you were in the same room with these people staring right at their pert young bottoms or breasts you would not be violating any law in the United States of America.

  • jason

    i'm in love with the chick in #12

  • Pfft

    1) A part of me died when I found out Catherine Bell's into Scientology. 2) Munn's GIF is ruined by the fact that her mouth is moving, which means she is speaking, probably about something she's not quite knowledgeable about. (Oh, but that reminds me of a Tekzilla GIF that could make it into a post like this…)

  • Sugreev2001

    oooooooooh…#5 and 12.

  • Stupendiferous.

    I ❤ bouncy stuff.

  • Ria

    #9 could have at least tidied her effin room

  • endlesssummerkid

    #5 is probably the best thing I have ever seen on the internets.

  • Bisketz

    #9 needs my address

  • Doug

    Diora Baird and Marla Sokoloff in Big Day (Series). http://thechive.com/2009/03/07/all-hail-diora-bai

    • Doug

      #11 that is.

      • http://www.last.fm/user/KoldShadow KoldShadow


  • Bud Ugly

    3, 5, and 12 are particularly hot.

  • The Hatter

    more of #11 please, o mighty and eternal gods of chivery

    • http://www.last.fm/user/KoldShadow KoldShadow

      *CO-SIGN* . . . do you know who that is?!?!?

    • BMOC

      i 3rd this motion!

  • Coldzilla

    OK I take back what I said last week………… THIS is the BEST THREAD EVER!!!!

  • Billy

    MOAR 11!!!!

  • adam

    #11 GOD BLESS DIORA BAIRD and what tv show is that from.

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