Bodyshops secretly love hailstorms (21 photos)

  • Quixote


    • Mike


  • Htownpunk

    HAIL NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • equalizermax

    And Car Insurance hates it…

  • tag

    Imagine having to walk out into that!! Painful!

  • Lyrex

    Most of that will buff right out.

    • ronnie

      Im buffin out right no. Feel my biceps?

      • Thor Mannion

        gay much

  • Norm

    Holy shit

  • mattythegooch

    I think that Echo actually went up in value.

  • HardCoreMike

    Got blasted here in Alabama back in May of 09. Yes… MAY. $10000 damage to my Nissan Titan and $14000 to the house. SUCKED. Insurance let us pay off the truck so now we have a paid off conversation piece. I tell everyone I parked at the wrong end of the driving range.

  • Booch

    Why would they – secretly – love hail storms?

  • SAJ

    That's minnesota summers for ya

  • God

    That happened during my driving test :/ still passed tho $$

    • Cyelii

      Well macadmiaa nuts, how about that.

  • Matt

    damn!!! thats why i never plan to live in places where this happens a lot

  • waguy

    Perth, Western Australia – March 2010

    Some local panel-beaters say they have enough work for the next 2 years from this single storm

  • Katie

    #18 its funny cause its in a garage now

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