This week’s most requested anonymous hotties (21 Photos)

Here at theCHIVE we post dozens of anonymous hotties daily and I receive hundreds of 'find her' requests every day. More often than not, y'all turn your focus on a small number of girls every week. Some of these girls you might know (some we've even done articles on), but many Chivers have no clue and want MOAR.
If you recognize these girls, go ahead and drop a comment. But most importantly, if you have galleries of these girls, help out your fellow Chivers by sending the photos to theCHIVE using our handy-dandy submit page.or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Remember, sharing is caring.

  • corcaigh

    #20 – What a pair of jeans!

  • Lee Johnson

    No.5 is Sophie Howard

  • ar tee

    #17 find her please

  • Jon

    5 is sophie howard topless model from england check out to see her….topless 😀

  • detective

    #15 is Sarah Butler. Look her up in imdb.

  • Chris

    "20 is the Mexican Sports reporter the Jets were dogging out during practice last year. Last name escapes me but I think her first name is Inez. Who cares what it is, anyway. That;s a hump

  • steven

    #5 now that is what a woman looks like
    #17 Truly my dream girl

  • Robert

    #16, Find her!

  • abnsldr

    #17 Please.. She is so hott and she is fully clothed..

  • finder

    christina vlahakis

  • Alex

    14's name is Hope Schieber. look her up on facebook, she has a ton of albums – she is smokin..

  • cerebro

    this chick,if she keeps getting more holes in her face,could start looking like the moon


    #9: peek-a-boob
    #15: SWEET!!!!!!
    #18: should i spit or swallow

  • Anonymous

    #20 Irene Saenz, Mexican sportcaster.

  • Erik
  • Guest

    #20 is Ines Sainz. Google her.

  • anonymous

    I feel like #9 is Georgia Jones, but I can't find the picture…so maybe not

  • Ms_Ruby

    #3 is Jane Doe. She's a suicide girl.

  • john stamos

    #20 is unreal, god was real happy makin that ass

  • Freddie

    #8 No idea who she is, but I do know that her picture has somehow found its pretty little way onto the front window of a beer hoff in South Korea. I used to ride past it on my motorbike everyday on my way to work…

  • RedLeader88

    I finally registered. And it was just to share with all of you great people what I found from #1:

  • PPP

    #20 is Ines Sainz (the Jet's NFL Reporter)
    #2 is Lindsey Lohan

  • Actorboy

    #3 Looks like a poster board with all the pins in her face. And not a tatt guy. Sleezy.

  • lou

    #20?! easy man…. thats the mexican sports reporter that got the Jets football team into trouble.

  • Dave M

    MOAR 17!!!!!!

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