This week’s most requested anonymous hotties (21 Photos)

Here at theCHIVE we post dozens of anonymous hotties daily and I receive hundreds of 'find her' requests every day. More often than not, y'all turn your focus on a small number of girls every week. Some of these girls you might know (some we've even done articles on), but many Chivers have no clue and want MOAR.
If you recognize these girls, go ahead and drop a comment. But most importantly, if you have galleries of these girls, help out your fellow Chivers by sending the photos to theCHIVE using our handy-dandy submit page.or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Remember, sharing is caring.

  • andre

    #12 Denise Milani in blue

  • matt

    #20 this is absolutely insane!!!! who is this and can you please find more pics please????

    • seawolf157

      Don't you ever read the comments? It's been answered already.

  • socalsurf4life

    Please find #3 and #9!!!!!!

  • caldgood

    Really? No one knows #1? Her name is Kylie, she's a camwithher model. Smokebomb.

  • Berry

    #20 is Charlotte Jackson from Sky Sports News and Take It Like A Fan

  • Nikki

    #3 is "JaneDoe" from the Suicide Girls (she's a porn star)

  • Alex

    #9 is Alisa from Met Art

  • jacobross85

    # =6 is christina Vlahaki from playboy

  • dak

    #20 Inés Sainz

  • spartuski
  • Christophe

    #6 and #16

    find them, somehow these seem to be near-perfect girls

  • xos

    #17 is K-Lee Shagena

    • bob Davis

      Not even close….

  • jake

    #6 is christina vlahakis

    playboy got her


    The Number 20 is the same girl that have problems in the NY Jets Looker (Ines Sainz a Mexican Sports TV show presentator)

  • TJ-Theart

    20 Inez sain from Mexico ^^ i love the 3, 4 and 11 :B and chive this page is soo great! FartFace XD tanx

  • Serch Podolski

    #20 is Ines Sainz, Mexican Sportscaster involved in the Jets Lockeroom Scandal

  • Ama

    #15 is Jojo, an american singer, she's 20

  • nate

    #15 is Alicja Bachleda .. I worked with her. Yes, she is that hot.

  • brewdub17

    who would have thunk..911
    #9 #11

  • Barth

    911 indeed.

  • Feaiojflewm

    the first girl the blonde looked familiar for some reason. Then i realized she either is or looks alot like one of MTVs teen moms. She doesn't look like that in the episodes but in a sneak peak at the behind the scenes stuff on MTVs website she has her hair dyed a light blonde the one in the picture…

  • zart i find this, another Photo of number 11 (with 2 friends)

  • frank

    I think Emily VanCamp is # 9

  • sim

    Did you recognize that #11 and #16 have the same "gloves"


    • someone

      you sir are looking at the wrong part of the photo

  • Joe_JambuL

    #9 WOW….

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