Chicks with washboard abs -hot or not? (10 photos)

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  • the truth


  • Zombie

    I can dig it. As long as they have a good face and they're not abs from skin-and-bone. Skinny as fuck chicks are a turnoff. I like toned, even muscular girls. Just no steroids/pro-hormones. Those make the female bodybuilder mangirls.

  • V. Putin

    In beautiful Russian homeland, women are not so much looking like man. Our women are more supple and with more sexual appeal ( and NYET, number 20 is not Russian). American women must gain muscle to take care of tender, soft american man. Incindently, all Russian baby boys are born with the stomach muscles like this and just get manlier with age.

    Rumsfeld is a total dick

    • no cheese please

      all russian men have their foreskin >>> nasty. no, thank you

    • yesh


    • MTD


      You need to watch Red Dawn dude.

    • Memjt

      Love this comment so much…. so funny.

    • Birdman

      Ok Putin. Put a sentence together first. "tender, soft american man"…. I hope your a woman for describing a man in that sense…….

  • Anonymous

    other than 36? Y-E-S

  • Peavy

    Who is #12?? most of them are too masuline but there are few… ^^

  • Catence

    #4 is gross.

    • Dennis R

      hot, fit is not gross:)

  • grue


  • Marcostan

    The majority is super hot

  • hank

    mmmmm, my penis would do pushups until it threw up all over those abs.

  • jarvis

    All of them easily could carry me O_o

    definitely not

  • punji

    First thing that comes in my mind is "Bruce Banner with boobs".
    anyway, #2 is smokin hot

  • chrisdg74

    I swear some of these are dudes. I'm all for being fit, but some of these "ladies" have gone a bit overboard. ITS A TRAP?

  • Haza

    some are hot, some are not ….i don't think the abs come into it too much.

  • AtomManhattan

    If they have curves and aren't anywhere near masuline, sure why the F not.
    #5 is a prime example. Hot, very hot indeed.

  • thetech2

    #18has a hairy chest #44 however is the only one that would get a second look from me

  • CPO_Mendez

    ok… if a girl has more INTENSE abs than I do….

    • Dennis R


  • YoMomma

    Uuuuhm. NO! Way tooo male.

  • Duskrogue

    yes hot overall
    only huge drawback is the reminder that "dude you are fat and out of shape"…..

  • guest

    2, 5, 11, 15, 25 are rock hard and sexy

  • It's a Mario

    Let's see. #33 yes, #2, 34, 42, 43 mostly, and the rest not so much.

    • Al Bondigas

      33 in a second, no #37?

  • Cable Guy

    Oh shit….I'm out of shape. And no not hot!

  • Drew

    Find More of 44!!! Oh and 5, 11, and 12 please…

  • Bryce

    If you are not turned on by this you are not a man.

    • YdontUJustF*ckDudes

      u mean straight man, ur not a straight man

    • Dennis R

      100% turn on, rock hard abs versus flab anyday

  • HardCoreMike

    Some hot but mostly… NOT!!!!!

  • steve

    the abs don’t gross me out, it’s their huge dicks….

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