Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

  • Dunny

    Not sure I understand all the Keira Knightley hatin goin on. Granted she is a petite athletic girl but I for one would lick whipped cream and chocolate syrup off Elizabeth Swann's abs for a fortnight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale


  • Andyy

    Looks like #19 had to 'cut back' on his hookers.

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    Glad 39 came right after 38.Felt inner peace again;

  • Bisketz

    #39 just made my day, and its still morning!

  • Jesepi

    #2 marry me plz

  • the_hunted

    i love # 39 … iv seen more pics of her and shes hot! (=

  • Birdie

    #38 – ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    #2 – GIMMIE

  • theone

    chive your quest for the long weekend is to find # 39 will you take up this quest

  • Dani


    #2 Has the most beatiful face evarh! Chive, you HAVE to find her! :O

  • Ant

    Devon needs her own post. Thumbs?

  • endlesssummerkid

    #19, Oooooh yea… Mike WAS black!

  • tr335

    If we could please bring #2 and #39 together I would like to propose marriage right away!!

  • Poot

    Unfortunately you're in pic #1

  • Daemian

    I want to make #2 my next disappointed Ex…. I WANT MOAR!!!!!

  • shnillson

    #39 is THE PERFECT ONE

  • Guest

    # 3. MADISON, WI FTW!!!!!! I saw this when I was going to the HP premiere.

  • mitch

    More 2

  • Gil

    I'd sleep with that mexican prostitute if it guaranteed me a chance to smell that ass

  • Skedaddle

    39- great ass, great nails too. That bum needs a spanking.

  • Jared860

    #39 is a girl named Madden…. Not Devon.. But still hot. http://www.rochardsbunnyranch.com/blog/meet-madde

  • Kenton

    This is so fucking old, I just had to type this question here in case anyone sees it someday. Is that Heisenberg? It sure looks like him.

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