GIFS: Wars have been fought over far less

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  • joe


    • dave32891

      are you serious?

    • Hendo

      Congrats on being a douche.

    • SignIsNigh

      your one dumb…

      • jacob


    • Gazza

      First??…..oh as in first place in the how to be a complete dickhead contest….. well done congratulations…top shelf thinking!

    • Levibear

      Fifth to reply!

    • drbeene

      While this may be the most infuriating troll, I have to give you props on the dedication and timing. And the fact that it always pisses people off. You son of a bitch.

  • mrnitropb

    Awesome sauce!

  • Catence

    #9 is pretty sweet. haha

    • nathan

      Did you say something? all I hear is your tits.

    • Jimmy

      i was gonna post the same thing lol

  • Hendo

    #11 GOONIES!!!!!!

  • BigDingo

    Goonies brought this post back from the brink for me. Tip O' my hat to you Chive

  • Brand

    Albert Haynesworth you sir are an over paid fat piece of sh*t

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      100 million wasted by the redskins

    • Leroi

      It’s most likely an Angel Flight. When a C-130 is biingrng home fallen troops they let go flares which combined with the wake form what look like Angels Wings.

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    Haynesworth-less. What an overpaid sack of crap.

  • KYLE

    Okay… I'm not a football fan, what's special about #4?
    I'm guessing #92 is the key?

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      100 million dollars is being paid to this man, he came into training camp out of shape and doesn't even start anymore so he a 100 million dollar bench warmer who is pretty much worthless or lack of effort but he was once talented but that is what he does now. I think i almost covered it.

      • iprfr2flopmyntz

        ^ refer to your own sn

      • Wowza

        Wow. Good to know so much money is being forked out so this fat ass can put forth about 15% effort on the field. Then there's all the people struggling to put food on the table who work their asses off.

        • Six

          Have you heard about capitalism?

  • Phondo

    Haven't you ever been playin a little football when suddenly you're face down in the turf? There's a whole miniature world to behold — ants, grassyhoppers, maybe a big loogy melting over the scene like a snowglobe. There just may be more going on in Albert's head than you know, OK?

  • stafferty

    #5 The princess is in another hospital

  • Mac

    Does anybody know where these awesome movie gifs are coming from?

    • rawnoyz

      refraining. from. saying. "yo momma".. oh daym, i said it!

      • Mac

        Thats not even funny or clever…but I laughed anyway…

    • Timothy Parrish


  • Gordon Freeman

    #11 The Goonies = greatest movie of my childhood.

    This clip is one of the more obvious "goofs" of the movie, as you can clearly see that the guy (Troy) is supposed to be propelled into the ceiling by force of water pressure alone, but you can obviously see the piston under the toilet seat pushing him upwards.

    • MacGuyver912

      You can't clearly see the piston under the toilet seat pushing him upwards because it's actually behind the wall. You can however clearly see the gap in the tiles of the wall behind him where the toilet seat is attached to the piston.

      • Frenchie


  • TheTruth

    I don't like these gifs where you wait ages and then some really boring happens…

  • equalizermax

    #7 – That is how you body slam your partner!…

    • Omar

      Simple enough for the bigsegt beginner you’ll ever know! One chicken dish I have made once before because it was so stinkin’ easy was Chicken Adobo (it’s a traditional filipino dish) and it was just chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, lots of garlic and some other seasonings in a pot! I wish all cooking were that easy

  • BongPimper

    #4….Haynesworth is a 100 million dollar mistake.

    • Timothy Parrish

      At least he made $100 what's your excuse for being a mistake?

  • Coldzilla

    The 100 Million $ bust – and not the GOOD kind

  • top dog

    Lesson learned in #6, never smack a male camel on the ass.

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, #9 FTMFW!!!!

  • Bacar

    ! I have figured out my radio sotaitns line-up of songs, because they play the same thing every single day! And why have I not been getting your blog updates in my reader? Did your URL change? I missed it (and added this URL into my reader)..but I love the new layout!

  • John Robert

    #4 Albert Haynesworth, Defensive Lineman, Washington Redskins. $100 Million 7 year contract. Laziest player of all time. (Soon after cut from the team, and NFL contracts are NOT guaranteed).

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