Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)

  • thomas

    some days the chive cranks it up to 11

    • Rangerdanger

      The Chive doesn't crank to 11. The Chive STARTS at 11.

    • man man

      (Fill in the blank over-the-top comment praising theChive for the sake of personal thumbs)

      #25 is damn hilarious.

  • laya

    smuf blowjobs have consequences

    • Ballzonya

      …worth it.

    • papa smurf

      and smurf blowjobs mak your tongue blue

      • its_forge

        DATS DE JOKE you doofus

        • Tobias Funke

          I thought it was the Blue Man Group

    • GFHunter

      First thing I thought of too. That's the last time I drink too much in Smurfville…

    • V4Vendetta14

      #26 just got done filming Hustler's "This Ain't Avatar XXX"

  • parlay

    i laughed so hard at 25, my wife came over. she was not amused

    • DaddyD

      So beat her with your other wife.

      • Trixie

        Now THAT is amusing. LOL

  • tom james

    best workout ever ————->

    • cpt

      i think thats stacy kiebler on the bottom… thats where i want her 😉

      • mr jaggles

        its not

    • mr jaggles
  • graceland

    look at the camel toe on #3

    • Bill

      Crickey! One of the fiercest camel toes I've ever seen!

    • rob

      damn you beat me to it, lol

    • BAMFinator

      That is why she wins

    • GTO

      which is why she got my vote

    • TCB12

      I believe that's called a moose knuckle.

    • Dave

      Ok, I went to pic #3 and was not happy

    • thatsright

      i had to take a double take

      • Six

        Camel toe? That pussy is just hungry!

        • Matt

          Pussy to panty: OM NOM NOM NOM

    • BloodScrubber

      Thats one ugly set of PissFlaps. OoO

  • mipo2010

    Boulder 1, Toyota 0

    • mrwhite2020

      Show us your compact features now Toyota?

  • Jeff

    #41- Cameltoe on 3!!!

    • giggidy goo

      biggest toe ive ever seen

    • Six

      I think her pussy is just hungry!

  • alexandra

    number 16 hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Boooger

    #3 to to to totally blows the others away.

    • mrselfdizstruct

      No shit did you see the toe on that girl. Like two steaks down there.

  • Shameless1

    what am I missing in 19?

    • equalizermax

      Me too, I don't get it?…

    • McBeastie

      I think it's that two people are taking a picture with what looks like a cheeto with a face.

      • gfaz

        or is it Prince William? lol

  • Catence

    I'm on the chive! haha. Hope you all like the pic. (#14)

    • shagdoodle

      beautiful darlin!

      • Darksoul

        I'm beginning to think you are a headless torso, or there's something wrong with your face because we never get to see it…not that I'm missing anything. *waits until tomorrow for the faceless bust to whore it up on the chive*.

        • Catence

          I will admit, I like having a certain amount of anonymity on here (which is why I haven't shown my face). My friends would never believe that I would do something like this!

          • TZJ

            Do they know about co sub? 😮

          • nudity and fluids

            Do you hate the sunshine?

    • Kyle

      3 Thumbs up!

    • Ballzonya


    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      Need a face to go along with that rack 😉

    • Mark

      the sexiest in you is that we clearly see that you're not desperate for attention :*

    • sanji

      congratulations! you can be part of lower back problem, next time join the sexy chiver!

    • Logic76

      yup, i just gave it the airport screener treatment! thx

    • Duh

      You are much better than HHNF that was around here at one time.

    • BloodScrubber

      Bravo Catence! You must have a huge grin on your face right about now. lol.

  • Gordon Freeman

    #9 Miley may be 18, but she's still gross.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Agreed. As a result, today's GIF collection was the first one I've ever skipped.

  • Pat

    # 14 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rob

    To the dude in #7……wow man…….just, wow.

    • Gutterville

      And im going skiing this christmas to denver, flying from london. I hope they fire him

    • andy

      Did you just miss the line where it mentions that the article is just satire?

      • red

        derp! thats how rumors get started…

    • That guy

      Check it out at SNOPES it is FALSE. But as Red said, this is how rumors get started.

  • Bockerom

    look at the friggin TOE on #3

    • Joe Pancake

      Shit, every time someone said to look at the cameltoe on #3, i was looking up at picture #3

      my bad

  • paulhitchcock

    2, and then 2 again, and then 2 again, and then maybe one more time for good measure.

    • alfredhitchcock

      i gotta agree, i'm more of a brunette man usually, but #2 is just smoking hot.

  • nathan

    why so early with the randomness? im not complaining, I just prefer to get my dose at 2 when being at work sucks the hardest. not at lunch when im content with my 12 oclock dose of vicoden and an episode of southpark on my PC.

    • Ballzonya

      I see that you are as productive as I am at work.

  • stafferty

    Did you miss the giant Oompa Loompa?

  • shon

    I dont think the people voting for 1, 2 or 3 are actually looking hard enough to see the camel toe on 3! WOW!

  • Rolis

    #3 has a nice camel toe, saw that after i voted for 1 lol

    • Chase

      I did the same thing! Just as I was closing the tab.

  • mskris

    #26 that poor smurf never had a chance

  • Barl

    No seriously…. what's with 19?

  • Lisa_Martin

    Orange didn't even look good on Oompa Loompas.

  • Matt

    #18 best gif yet!

  • F U Chiveassholes


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