Dude with half a head arrested for soliciting a pro (4 photos)

Apparently these photos are not doctored by Miami police who arrested this man for soliciting a prostitute.
How do you fill out the section of the police report titled, “unique physical features/tattoos”? Um, does “Half-a-head” have hyphens?
More on this bizarre story on metro.co.uk

  • bugman

    The guy must might be another one of Hulk Hogan's son's friends.

  • marla

    did he dieded?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=539796670 Tanvir Zaman

    Doesn't he look like Britney Spears in #3 ?

  • ttmab

    That article about the half-a-head dude is really depressing. 😦

  • ChingchongChina

    I'd still fuck him

  • V. Putin

    American police have no heart. When I crush U.S., this man will be allowed to get any sex prostitute he can.

  • poop

    I'd eat cerial off of his head

  • traviieso

    How did they re-locate his brain
    or does he just have half???????

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1138802465 Timothy Parrish

    Anybody with half a brain knows you never solicit..

  • Dan

    This guy is fucking lucky to be alive!

  • lazaro

    i know the dude and his a good man for whats happening to him many of you wont last as long as he has last it

  • My name Is Jim

    Oh come on, have a fkkking heart. This guy should be able to legally pay for sex, if I were on his jury I’d fight for jury nullification.

  • Duran D

    Mr Half-a-Head is famous around my way..! I smoke L's with him all the time!

  • mellyO

    This is what happens when christian cunts run your country.

  • Navid


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