Funny sports signs are often more amusing than the sport itself (26 Photos)

  • stafferty

    As a Knick fan, I'm kinda upset that we never rose up and put Isiah Thomas' head on a pike outside Penn Station. HE GOT A HALL OF FAME COACH FIRED, ACTIVLEY TRADED TO GET STEPHAN MARBURY, AND GAVE JEROME JAMES A $10 MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR CONTRACT!!!! WHY GOD?!?!? wHY?!?!?!?!?

    • John S

      As a Knick fan, you should probably know that it was Eddy Curry that got a $10M/year contract, not Jerome James.

      • stafferty

        You are right, but money obviously doesn't matter to the Dolan so the mistake is understandable.

  • not so clever

    looks like everybody is a comedian these days………..

    except me 😦

    • Spencer Thomson


  • nwest

    #4 – Go Vandals! Nasty and Inebriated!

  • equalizermax

    #25 – I saw that sign, I was there!

    • Shorty

      And it opened up your eyes, you saw the sign

  • Del

    Dude, dont be gay…

    • Darksoul

      There's nothing wrong with being gay, but there is no excuse for being a faggot

      • Del

        Which is what I meant, however, you enhanced it to a higher, funnier level

        • bukake

          i guess you like anal creampies

  • McD

    this is……boring

    • keithp420

      that's what she said…

  • tvjoker

    7 is definitely shopped…

  • Truth.Inc

    #6 makes me cry. It takes such low self esteem to cheer for the Flames.

  • sc3n3

    is that fred armisen in #6 holding the sign?

  • Alanna

    I am suprised that zero of the Philiy Flyers 'Sign Man' Dave Leonardi's signs didn't make the list. He has some of the best hockey related ones.

  • Coldzilla

    Re: #6

    Wish I could post the pics of the two "ladies" (one in Edmonton and one it Calgary) asking Sidney Crosby to marry him

    Maybe Ill send those in…….

  • Cory

    Dude 20 is from my hometown Topeka (kansas) Roadrunners of the tier II Junior A North American Hockey League. The guys that sit there actually have quite a few signs.

  • I in Inebriated

    #4 Nasty and Inebriated baby!!

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