Miley Cyrus turns 18 today. Only GIFS will do this day justice (11 GIFS)

I've been sitting on a few of these gifs for a while because... not 18. Enjoy and give the gallery a moment to load...

  • thomas

    I'm not a fan of miley cyrus but my wife just smacked me in the side of the head to snap me back to reality

  • damon

    If you take #8 out of the concert and into my bedroom, we have great success

    • facebook

      lol. i really do agree… but just cause she's 18 now, doesn't mean she was 18 in these gifs.

  • douche

    creepy dude. just cuz shes 18 now doesnt mean she was 18 in those pictures….uhhh got anymore?

    • vince

      thank you for saying what I was thinking… (not the got anymore part)

      • Joe pancake

        Maybe if you're a 60 yr old man, but since i'm only 18, i'm feeling fine! ….got anymore?

    • Ken C.

      yeah, was thinking its quite a bit Pedo to post GIFs from when she wasn't 18, just because she is now. 20 year old child porn is still child porn. Besides, I've never met an 18 yr. old I could stand to hear speak more than "Would you like fries with that?" without wanting to throw them in a deep hole. She will be much more interesting, and I be much sexier when she is 25-30…. don't want anymore either.

      • a BiPolar guy


        BTW a man who PREFERS teens over women is an ephebophile – not a pedophile. That's not just semantics it's a very different desire, Just going WOW does not make you an ephebophile either.

        Nothing wrong to look and find a post puberty girl sexy. illegal to bed her in US, age of consent varies with country btw .At least one european nation has it at 15. 18 is an arbitrary number not the law handed down from on high.

        • Anonymous

          age of consent is different between states as well, it's just widely thought to be 18 because CA is 18, and everyone follows CA.

        • ra tard

          There are a lot of 13 year old girls these days who look even older & more developed than her so this statement to me just sounds like you are trying to justify yourself as a pedophile.

      • Barry

        I hate to break it to those who think it's pedo, but tits don't magically appear when a chick turns 18.

        If it looks like a hooker and acts like a hooker, it will be treated like a hooker.

  • Johnny

    Ummm…you do realize that she is not 18 in any of these GIF's right?

  • chuck

    let the countdown to DUI's and coke busts begin. I have money on them finding her and a male stripper with a needle of heroin stuck in his arm, prob in vegas.

    • anarcrust

      Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it.

  • JoeyJojoJr.Shabadoo

    I don't get it. These are still all gifs of an underage girl.

    Not complaining, but your logic is flawed.

    • nemesis

      Age of consent is 16 in the UK. America is not the center of the universe. Sorry to burst your bubble 🙂

    • Del

      30 States the age is 16, 8 states are 17. Only 12 states actually have 18 as the age of legality.

      • logicfail

        Yes but the minimum age to appear in sexually explicit things is 18 (not to say that these gifs are explicit) regardless of age of consent. You can have sex at 16 or whatever the local age of consent is, but if you take pics and distrubte them then you are a child pornographer.

        And yes, the premise of this thread is logically flawed. She may be 18 now but wasn't when any of these gifs were taken. No wonder Pedobear gets so much traction on this site….

  • Taylor Blissett

    No. Just no…

    • a BiPolar guy

      yes! just yes!!!

      • Joe pancake

        her mouth says no no, but her body says yes, yes!

  • Semper


  • Speedy

    besides the fact that she sounds like a dude, i would wreck her…

  • Boom

    Only 18 and already looks like a Cougar. [shakes head]

  • Ron

    Just because she's 18 TODAY doesn't mean she was 18 in those GIFs. CHIVE FAIL!

    • Diggler

      So you feel guilty masturbating to these animated gifs?

      • a BiPolar guy

        not me

  • R. Wiggum

    well she is legal now, bring on the sex tape !!

  • R. Wiggum

    Is your wife hott ??

  • Don113

    I'd hit that…

    With a crowbar.

  • Ninja master

    She's gross, she looks like a pug crossed with an aging hooker.

    • Shitfaced

      Nice, well played.

      I can't stand that little twat.

      • n1ghtstalker

        Little twat… which gif was that in? *scrollin*

    • a BiPolar guy

      you're an idiot. and blind. did i say idiot? I meant something so much dumber there is no word.

    • Brian

      She obviously has the fat gene too.
      Just wait a while and see how much she bloats up. – She'll look much worse in a year or three.

  • Dave

    Her damn birthday cake is more food then some families in the world see in a months time. May as well put her on house arrest now to get it over with because its comming

    • a BiPolar guy

      so give all you have beyond your own subsistence needs to the poor. i bet you don't.

  • sidebob

    she'll be fat, ugly and crazy in 5 years

    • Tin Man

      She's already got ugly and crazy soooooo…..

  • dajesus

    So, someone was making and then "sitting on" GIFs of an underage girl? Not good, man. Not good.

    • dajesus

      If it weren't for your disclaimer, John, we could have just assumed that all of these things happened today.

  • Mikez

    Only a problem if they were nudez

  • Danny P

    Are you in the kitchen?

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    You're being sarcastic, right? Because he pretty much made her and I'm not just talking biologically.

  • equalizermax

    She will be the next Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan …

    • mith

      She actually has more talent than those two put together. Not much but she has more.

  • vince

    Isn't it the equivalent to fapping off to pics of your girlfriend when she was 6?

    • a BiPolar guy

      no because a teen girl is sexually mature (physically), so you are responding to normal sexual characteristics women have and men like. Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children, who lack the normal triggers of male sexual response.

  • Rick

    Not really impressed with her at all, do you have a spread of Christina Augulara no i cant spell her name correctly.

  • theone

    she's fair game now

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