Miley Cyrus turns 18 today. Only GIFS will do this day justice (11 GIFS)

I've been sitting on a few of these gifs for a while because... not 18. Enjoy and give the gallery a moment to load...

  • Justin Hall

    Since when does turning 18 make someone suddenly attractive? That's like saying someone turns drunk when they become 21.

    No f'ing way, dude.

  • rawnoyz

    #11 was kinda nasty.


    cant wait for her to make a sex tape!!!!!

  • Alex

    She's really awkward looking and… ugh, there is no forgiving that face.

  • Dan

    When did you guys hire pedobear? He's getting in a few pics almost every day.

  • asdfd

    there is a lot more women that are hotter …and old enough to be i boggled at …she's just an embarrassment for her self at her age and for billy :/

  • slushpuppy69

    Too bad she's beastly!

  • joesfunhouse

    What is with all the sanctimonious "she's underage" crap? Really? Come on! It's not like she was pulled out of bed with her jammies still on and asked to give Uncle Ted a handjob. These GIF's weren't innocent little photos made to look slutty. These were GIFs of an underage girl acting like a road hard and put away wet slut. Save the outrage, guys. You may need it on something legitimate someday!

    • truth

      Still doesn't justify the face that she was underage in all of these.

      • joesfunhouse

        Yeah, acting underage, too. Relax, man, just because the dog wants to chase the fire engine doesn't mean he will ever actually drive it! lol

  • Amanda

    You guys are royally fucked. Not only is she ugly as sin and quite possibly the missing link between human and muppet, she is also a fucking child. If any of you Miley fans are out of high school – which I assume most of you are – I wish you a very happy future with your blow-up dolls.

  • Amanda

    Seriously, if the pedophilia is necessary go back to 4chan.

  • Stan

    shame on you chive, ^_^

  • Anonymous

    As soon as she slips a nip or crotch the pants are gonna be off!!!


    i’ve watched miley cyrus walk about 16 kilometers today, what have you done?


    i watched miley cyrus walk about 16 kilometers today, what have you done?

  • MrMav

    OMG!! I would love to destroy her!!

  • Ira


  • stingorarr

    Doesn't matter. I'm British so 16 is legal.

    • Hung_as_a_flee

      lol same in Canada woot 16 is legal. oh and just to start a conflict for some fun. SUCK IT 'MERICA.

  • Nagrom

    Who gives a fuck how old she is. 16 is legal over here, and she's fuckin SMOKIN'

  • Robert

    6 was nice, the rest are not that great. She does look really good sometimes though, when she is dressed nicely and her hair is done.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Can anyone else see her sitting in a bar in ten years offering to blow bikers for $10 of coke?

  • Timothy Parrish

    I give her a month before nudes and tapes get released

  • krashtester

    Gotta say, not a big fan of this posting Chive. … funny comment to add.


    very very wrong. i would like it you took this down. thank you she is a nasty ass big eared sluty hoe bag that needs to learn how to sing and dress like an actual 18 year old. i feel so bad for her dad who basically brought her fame i hope she rots in rehab and we never hear from miley again!!!

  • meGrimlock

    wait, its not her current age to worry about. technically speaking its her age when the pics/vids were TAKEN

  • bob

    fine by me, the legal limit is 16 in the UK.

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