Miley Cyrus turns 18 today. Only GIFS will do this day justice (11 GIFS)

I've been sitting on a few of these gifs for a while because... not 18. Enjoy and give the gallery a moment to load...

  • Tony

    Well, this isn't porn. So keep cool, even if this is a underage cutie.

  • rodolfo

    What a whore. I'd do her 18 times.

  • Bob

    I wish I was the disney executive that got to take her virginity. It must have been so hot. Too bad she's banging her dad.

  • Aaron

    Seriously, it's gross, she's not even a human being anymore, just a carefully arranged series of styles and fashions created by Disney based on market research. Even her half wit father has acknowledged the image has gone too far. Seriously, if you're a male and you find this poor mannequin of a person sexy you need to get out there and engage someone in a conversation.

    When she has her mid twenties melt down it will be epic, Britney times 5.

  • tom

    #6 just made me pop a rock hard boner lmao

  • Leonel

    She's so trashy I think I got herpes just by clicking on this post.

  • miley

    fuk y’all

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, just had a crotch shot of here this past weekend. Come on sex tape!!!!

  • wackford

    MOAR!…pics of someone hotter please 🙂

  • Hung_as_a_flee

    yikes sad man. you gotta be more sly about looking at young women when you're married lol but seriously why the hell where you online in your kitchen?

  • Terry

    First to Miley… If that is you that put the whole ‘fuk y’all’ comment spell right… Act like a Yung lady and people wont say those things… And to all who said all the stupid crap… How would you feel if I started a rumor that you slept with your father? You are the lowest of the low to spread that stupid bull crap arround. I wonder how you can even sleep at night. You are just sad.

  • Miley Cyrus Hot

    GIFs are probably the best thing ever, Miley is hot.

  • miley cyrus 23 gifCamfrog | Camfrog

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