A Chiver told me to put up a gallery of Marie Claude…BOOM (29 Photos)

Often times we get Emails to have specific girls found and more times then not I just don’t care. But when I saw a single picture of this girl with the request “make all my dreams come true for just one day,” I knew I had to follow through. If not for me, I had to do it for the kids.

Anyways, this French Canadian Cosplay model is named Marie-Claude. And she is not subtle. Enjoy.

  • Yuck

    Butter Face – Butter boobs – butter

  • sSnowblind

    Like Puma Swede's sister…

    • YEAH BOY!



    um, she's hot

  • tommy

    Sorry chive, but this gallery was kind of a fail. =/

  • Sly


    Giving French Canadian girls a bad name.

    Chive, do better.

  • willy

    man i think this is the first time the chive disappointed me

  • somethings

    The tags for this gallery are grossly inaccurate (i.e. "beautiful, hot women").

  • Bless1

    As good as the goth gallery stuff…the more chicks the better. Keep em comming.

  • Dan

    Doesn't matter how hard you 'would', those things wouldn't move an inch

  • http://twitter.com/Suburbsexaddict @Suburbsexaddict

    More silicone…I just don't find it sexy. And I find a lot of things sexy.

  • sexoffender

    I love fake boobs… thank you chive… fap,fap,fap…

  • MMAN87

    I def like her face, shes pretty! but I think the "natural" look would suit her better, those jugs are TOO gargantuan! 😮

  • birddog

    After years of playing with real ones, and then switching to fake ones: I will never go back to real. Real ones feel like a fat ass with some nipples on it. Marie Claude is one hot babe.

  • 2DruNk2FraG

    She looks like my New Vegas character after I installed the BB body mod…

  • Cannot unsee

    This is a man right? Claude Marie?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1494785484 Joe Kroger

    Not hot. Not even a little bit. Looks like a transvestite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578135674 Fabian Raul Aguilera Paredes

    she looks like a younger version of Puma Swede

  • Malacro

    I normally don't like fake tits, but this chick has always been awesome.

  • inkedchivette

    shes really pretty but the boobs take away from it

  • Anonymous

    Fake boobs are ugly.

  • BloodScrubber

    Disappointed. Wilson basketballs in a bra…..Meh.

  • Rob

    Who's her cute friend?

  • iowanto

    Well the votes are in! bad choice but that's what the girl made when she bought those. too bad other than the synthetic part, which is more than the breasts, she is cute and could have done it naturally.

  • http://twitter.com/txt2verse @txt2verse

    they scream fake so badly, it hurts

  • Coldzilla

    Eat something………


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