A Chiver told me to put up a gallery of Marie Claude…BOOM (29 Photos)

Often times we get Emails to have specific girls found and more times then not I just don’t care. But when I saw a single picture of this girl with the request “make all my dreams come true for just one day,” I knew I had to follow through. If not for me, I had to do it for the kids.

Anyways, this French Canadian Cosplay model is named Marie-Claude. And she is not subtle. Enjoy.

  • SataN

    What can you say; anorexia + large implants…
    It's only my opinion but this isn't wery sexy…

  • TC42

    It's like Rob Liefeld IRL!

  • donyale

    Those beasts are down right atrocious! Ewwww nasty bewbies, they are literally underneath her chin. Poor thing didn't get enough attention at home. Do guys really like this sort of mess? Good Gawd!

  • Guest

    Her friend in #6, #11, and #12 is another pretty famous cosplayer who goes by the nickname Riddle and unlike this gallery's star, she's an absolute knockout. Her Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24173116@N05/

  • sdc

    Am I in the minority for hating fake boobs?

    Give me a small breasted woman any day over any size of fake boob. Besides any fake boobs is likely a sign of self-esteem issues. Why else would any woman wreck her natural looks?

  • DeekSauce

    So glad to see that the internets agree with me. This chica is foul. Foul.

  • Lazlo

    Papa Likes

  • eee

    figiures cosplayers would be drooling over her.

  • Anonymous

    She has big tits

  • Marie Claude
  • Craig

    Stunning; clear evidence of beauty and the likelihood of a brain, and no, I wasn't referring to some of the previous posters…

  • Bustanut

    I’d like to break my dick in that ass

    Bunch of bitchyass faggots that don’t like women with big fake boobies – you guys need to go to the gay-little boy fag.com to get it up.

  • MattLite

    Not sexy. She’s not that pretty and those boobs are just way too big and fake.

  • Chris
  • ziggy61

    she looks old, used up & very fake.
    no thank you .

  • ScarsFromGod

    I think she hot n her tits r fucking epic. Shes damn sexy

  • Always Last


  • Retired Navy

    Are those GoodYear Eagles off a stock car??? They seem to be over inflated. Sorry that's too much for me. But hey, if she's happy, go for it.

  • Notknowing

    Never been a fan of fake boobs. They're a novelty…. It wares off….quick.

  • Lou

    You guys are a tough crowd. I didn't think it was so bad.

  • James

    #6 she makes a great victoria seras

  • Marcelo

    Wow – this is a tough audience – I actually like her thin with and with ridiculously fake overinflated tits.

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