Balancing all the silicone on theCHIVE today with geek Felicia Day in HQ (24 Photos)

  • Sandwiches1123

    #4 super gay sandwiches are the best sandwiches

  • Josh

    Okay, who's gonna be the first to photoshop #24?

  • Dave

    She is awesome in The Legend of Neal. Greatness!

  • MMAN87

    YEEAAAH Felicia! Haha love this girl, especially in pic #23….imagine her now slowly turning and fixing her eyes intently on you…*shivers* haha:p

  • Gandalf..

    one of the women who makes me realize how meaningless my life is…

  • Capt. Solo

    I don't know about her…but her friend in #15…I'd hit that in a heartbeat.

  • equalizermax

    She's not that hot, but it will do…

  • Kanye

    The picture of her with Barney Stinson and Malcolm Reynolds might be the greatest picture of all time.

    • Roclawzi

      Comments like that will help me forgive you for sampling Daft Punk, Kanye.

  • Red

    I'm surprised at all of the negative comments… I always thought she was gorgeous, from the first time I saw her in House.

  • Felicia

    I'm really bothered by the fact I have no idea where that hoodie in #2 went. I really really liked that hoodie.

    • Spanky Mobster

      Felicia's a chiver!? Well, makes sense.

  • Brad

    I think my mind just exploded from the awesomeness of #4

  • jimbob jones

    And how exactly would one go about getting a life sized Felicia Day cutout as in #11?

  • Da Sandman

    cute.. but far from hot

  • CPO_Mendez

    I'm in love…. <3<3<3<3

  • Catence

    She looks adorable in #8. Loved her in Dr. Horrible!

  • Spanky Mobster

    Attractive, smart, & funny is my ideal. Hence, +10 for this gallery.

  • Don Rickles

    #15. Dream geek threeway… 🙂

  • T

    Ewww super fugly!!!!!

  • Bob

    Geek heaven…….

  • DuDE

    She the voice of Veronica in Fallout New Vegas =D

  • Ash

    21, win.

  • thetech2

    she is so hot right there her the red head ,,,,,,,dude thats fuckin doogie howser holy fuck

  • Coldzilla

    Was gonna say "Shes got that girl next door" look goin on and then I saw #19


  • Bazinga

    The only thing missing in #15 is a "me sandwich."

  • Herpy

    Gaaah, thanks chive.

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