Balancing all the silicone on theCHIVE today with geek Felicia Day in HQ (24 Photos)

  • Adam

    I love Felicia Day.

  • sam

    #24 …. just waiting to be shopped….

  • Libertariandude

    She's way hotter than Olivia Munn. I just don't see what everybody sees in Munn. I think Veronica Belmont is even hotter, though.
    Maybe since I was born in South America I know too many dark, athletic girls like Munn and I'm tired of them.

  • Lud006


  • BigJohn

    Ideal: Felicia with boobs of left on #15

  • Iban Nieto

    Veronica Belmont is much better!!

  • Zekxz

    i dont care what anyone says, Felicia Day is hot

  • LinkMünki

    The man from LinkMünki, he say yess!!!

  • Ron


  • Spencer Thomson

    im a huge gigantice fag tool. i think she ugly, but i also do prefer men. Mens asses. and mens penis in my mouth and anus at the same time

  • +blitzkrieg

    why her?

  • Guest


  • jericho

    Who's the girl with her in #15? Looks familiar and is pretty cute in her own right.

    • busted

      Veronica Belmont. No hate for not noticing her name tag because you were busy looking at something else. Took a while for me to see it too hahaha

  • Dave

    Butter face.
    What an ugly whore.

  • SpRoUsA


  • nouu

    not sure what all the fuss is about.

  • User

    She's ok…

  • floscar

    She's not bad, but video geeks (like myself) thing she is hotter than she really is because she's a video gamer. BFD.

  • JerryB

    W.T.HELL is going on in that last shot?!? I want video of this!

  • lemurfart

    #5 i dont think she would make it home that night

  • Anonymous

    Who is she !’!’!

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, another "actress" using nerd-tools as a way to make money.

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