Things we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving (26 Photos)

  • turtle

    im a turtle

    • HellHath NoFury

      I like(d) turtles.

      • dietroll


        • HellHath NoFury

          I didn't?

  • turtle

    everyone else is the rabbit. >:)

  • lol

    1st yay 17 11 and 15

  • Alister

    all awesome. apart from this turtle guy..^^

  • g341

    4th frgerg

  • james

    gotta love it when the chive guys get drunk and post stuff like this

  • Nunya bidnes

    We're thankful for the Chive!!!

  • Jocelyn G

    Shit, #25 looked fine before.

    • DaddyD


    • FartFace

      Agreed. She actually looked Asian before, and way more cute. After, she just looks Americanized. Bad move.

    • Jojo

      2 different people…both celebs famous for NOT having done surgery @.@

      • Jen

        she want give hand job FI DOLLA!

  • Justin

    #21, that glass is awesome

    • HVAC

      Crate & Barrel, I bought a couple while visiting Chicago.

  • BigDingo

    Could have stopped at #1 and it still would have been the most amazing post ever

  • americanhypocrite

    yay, more american hypocrites. flags, turkey and 'football' lol. FAIL.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Get the fuck off the American-made internet, fucker.

      • sam

        Check your facts dude….. internet is NOT american made

        • HellHath NoFury

          Dude? *looks into pants* Check your facts, dude.
          Okay, here; get the fuck off of an American-based, American-run website if you don't like it, you whiny bitch.

          • kater

            fuck you bitch. you need to learn your place. this site is not american, it's international. the fact that it's run by american rednecks means crap. now go back in line.

            • HellHath NoFury

              *cries in corner*

        • Brah

          Internet is American made. World wide web was made by some Swedes or something. If you plan on trying to be smarter than someone, actually know what you're talking about.

          • coocoocuchoo

            said Brah who also does not know what he is talking about ("some Swedes or something") it was the British who invented the first computer, Colossus, and a Brit who created the World Wide Web which is the basis for the internet as we know it today. saying that though, im not a naive xenophobic bastard like some of you (including the prick who started this argument by dissing Thanksgiving), so i also know that it was mostly Americans such as Bill Gates and others that brought the internet to the masses.

            • Brah

              The internet is the basis for the WWW. Not the other way around.

      • kater

        so wrong on this and other accounts 🙂 what on earth makes you think you're the one and only, huh? you're just cast out europeans who invaded a distant land, massacred its inhabitants and established a funny country 🙂

        • HellHath NoFury

          I am? I'm African. Speak for yourself.

    • roddy

      fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. its thanksgiving. keep your anti-american comments to your damn self, you poor, pathetic and mislead piece of shit.

    • Brah

      Shut up. It's Thanksgiving. Oh, I forgot, you don't get a day filled with food, family, pie, and football (yeah, our football).

      • kater

        handegg, not football. check your facts.

    • sam

      No onez a hypocrite in respecting their flag, culture and sports….. you FAIL miserably man.

      • kater

        you'd first have to look at it from an angle, you'd see how funny and pathetic you are, praying to god to deliver your goooood soldiers and to kill all others and to bring oil and to be able to watch handegg

      • americanhypocrite

        hehe. your flag is so overused it doesn't even mean anything anymore. your culture is obese people, illegal immigration and religous hypocrite nutcases everywhere. B)
        oh and thanksgiving is load of bullshit, the time of the year for most rude hypocrites to crawl from their holes and say most meaningless things that people receive with a smile on their face.

    • kater

      so true dude. but the only single greatest nation in the world cannot see past its awesomness and is the very best and everyone loves american oooooh say can you see i love the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom god bless america and kill everyone else, especially those who misunderstand the game of football (the stuuuuupid europeans)

    • Spiruina

      Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit. If you don't like it then get the fuck out. *punch-in-the-face* Stupid fucker.

  • Brand_n

    But instead of scraping ice off your windshield when you live in LA, you end up scraping that film of filth that homeless people leave in their wake.

  • robin yates

    if Sarah Palin gets to be an American President, Lord help us all

    • kater

      actually, you deserve her to be a president. her ignorance matches the ignorance of the whole nation 🙂 and she supports the troops lol

      • robin yates

        why would I deserve Palin ? I am British. She seems to symbolise all that is wrong with America

  • stan

    we need more tush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HellHath NoFury

      Then do some squats.

      • kater

        shut up bitch

        • Keithp420

          Pretty sure is based out of L.A., California, USA. Don’t be jealous just because you want our blue jeans and rock & roll cassette tapes. You should suck America’s balls you toad.

  • jessie


  • YEAH

    I am thankful for girls with lower back problems and gifs…and especially of gifs of girls with lower back problems. Its a wonderful world we live in.

  • roddy

    love it

  • OsO

    I love turkey day and big stupid tits

  • cpt

    im thankful for shark week too!

    i live every week like its shark week

  • meh

    did anyone else look at #18 for 2 minutes praying it was a gif?

    • BracketMaster

      I'm still watching. And hoping.

  • prest

    #25 are two TOTALLY different people haha both celebs in Korea famous for not having any plastic surgery done on them LOL


    How about a 5-0 Hoosier basketball team?

  • Chrispeena

    Phoebe Cates. FTW FTW.

  • mr jaggles

    26- Mayhem !!! FTW

  • fibonacci5150

    cool I'm grabbin some templeton tomorrow night that's gonna hit the spot

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