Anyone for some tennis? (12 Photos)

The world’s highest tennis court resides at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. At 210 meters (about 690 feet) above sea level this court is reserved for people that fall into the category of “retarded rich.”

  • t.j.


  • BigDingo

    Every time I see this I just can't believe it is real… Also, they must lose dozens and dozens of balls

    • Pete Ribaudo

      yet ironically gaining an enormous amount of balls by playing there. And yes that is irony.

    • jamie

      if they're willing to play up there, they've got the balls to spare !

    • greg

      that's because it's npt real. Just a marketing stunt on the helipad

  • MIke

    what happens if i'm going all out in my tennis match and I fall off? they better supply me with a golden parachute to save me from death

    • Spencer Thomson

      FUCK YOU

  • googboog

    The loser has to collect all the balls.

    • dumdum

      That's true of a lot of things

  • Catence

    Now what would be the point of playing 690 feet in the air other than having frequent brushes with death?

    • MIke

      people will agree with you no matter what you say cause ur default pic is of your boobs and I am not ashamed to say that i am one of them 🙂 thumbs up!

      • CreepsAreForKeeps

        You are one of her boobs?

        • MIke

          Why? If I was, would you play with me?

    • K94

      So you can hit poor people with tennis balls while you're 690 feet high.

    • Fapping

      thank you Catence

  • Sarah Palin

    Gee! I am truly offended by the use of the phrase “retarded rich.”

    • SignIsNigh

      shush Sarah Palin…shush.

  • LT B

    The gap between the truly rich and poor in the world has become obscenely ridiculous.

    • FWA

      The poor should work harder.

    • captaininsano

      always has been like that

      • Pete Ribaudo

        feed the poor to the poor problem solved

  • Celentano

    It was just a tennis court for a Adviser/promotion clip..
    This is in real the Heliport from Hotel Burji Al Arab in Dubai…

    • MIke

      imagine messing up that landing then o_o

    • Terry Burke

      why you gotta go and ruin it like that?

      • Celentano

        Ruin? Why this…..
        it's so, because my transfer from the Airport Dubai to the Hotel i do it every time with Helicopter, so have to landing there and is not a Tennis Court… B)

        • turbosmurf

          i do that too every Friday.

          • Celentano

            i know, you are my Heli Pilot….

        • Terry Burke

          see. like that. why do have to tell us what it really is? why can't you just leave it be and let us think its a tennis court. you're like buzz killington

          • Celentano

            You'right….Hmmmm. Okay, it's a Tennis Court….:D

            • Terry Burke

              no, its to late pal. damage is done

  • ckris King

    Imagine the winds up there…… not a right shot will be given

  • St.Christopher

    really stale pics, the court doesn't exist, atleast it wasn't there the last time I went there.

    • True.

      it is actually there. it is usually a helipad i believe. the court isnt GRASS, it is laid down it seems like. it is actually there because there has been videos of federer playing around there during a documentary about Burj Al Arab

  • Cobretti


  • helpermonkey

    Sumo wrestling ring with optional parachutes = Awesome

  • Gecko

    a wealthy man is cruising in the shadow of the Burj in his yacht. He is sitting on the deck brandishing a fine glass of Bourbon on the rocks. He takes a deep breath and thinks about rhe "I'm on a Boat" song. Suddenly his head gets knocked sideways from out of nowhere. He clutches his newly formed lump and looks around to see a green tennis ball rolling around.

  • mipo2010

    Turn it into a jello pit and let the ladies wrestle I say!!!

  • drea

    i would probably crap myself

  • Jen

    hate heights. noooo thank you.

  • no1mini

    I bet the ballboy is exhausted by the second set…

  • BloodScrubber

    At night they play naked up there with glow-in-the-dark tennis balls.

    And if your dog is a retriever….recommend he stay home.

  • raul duke

    It's not a tennis court, it's a helicopter landing pad.

  • teacher_guy

    I would rather like to see a video clip of someone trying to run back to try and get a ball… That will be funny. Otherwise. Derp!!!

  • Bobby

    Wow, tennis is finally interesting. Cept for the hot women though.

  • doofenshmirtz

    Anyone know the brothers from the Upside Down Show? Cuz' from the looks of these pictures, it looks like they're doing well.

  • greg

    that's just a marketing stunt on the helipad. You guys don't really think it's a real tennuis court, do you?
    They also made Tiger Wood golfed from that same point.

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  • GregS18348

    You gotta admit, this takes a lot of Balls…………….. (Sorry, someone had to say it!)

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