It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

If you like these, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • P.Stewart

    Alright, even though I'm going to sustain a round of thumbs down and a thrashing in replys, I have to ask.
    Did anyone else notice that the condom font in #12 is the same font from TNG?

  • Truth.Inc

    # 24 is amateur nude model Danielle of FTV. Personal NSFW site here:

  • katerina

    20 greeceeeeee 🙂

  • Catence

    #24 is proof that a girl can wear a shirt offering hugs and it isn't creepy.

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  • turbosmurf

    #6 is 3 words.

  • cpt

    not possible, i once drank an entire liter of jager in an hour and blacked out but was apparently trying to drive to the liquor store for more… worst morning ever the next day though…

    • jozef

      Jaeger is for pussies

  • Anon

    #28 so fucking racsists japan, chicken AND watermelons are you trying to keeps all black people in one area

  • its_forge

    #3 Actually I saw the girl and the beach at the same time; I always detect the beach early because my mind thinks "how am I going to keep that sand from getting in the way when I'm…"

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