‘Merica makes no apologies (26 photos)

  • BigDingo

    F*CK YEAH!

  • Skedaddle

    11 is epic.

    • Shyze

      I don't get it…

  • Gecko

    nothing like a nice country fried engine hood to start the day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1764864971 Taylor Blissett

    14 FTW

  • Dan

    America is awesome, and these pics prove it.

    • FiddleDog

      …the fact that no one is in jail over these pictures prove America's awesomeness even more.

  • Tom

    stats on 24 are all out – for one the UK and US don't have higher crime rates than the likes of South Africa, Columbia, yin pot African states and Banana republics… you should be ashamed chive

    • youreadouche

      you shut up

    • Libertariandude

      I totally agree. Go to Venezuela or El Salvador, and if you survive more than one day, then tell me if you don't love the States. Also teen pregnancy stats seem fucked up. I was born in Ecuador, and believe me, in Latin America it seems every working class girl has had one child by age 17.

      • Matt

        I`m from Venezuela and I got your sis preggos! And if you dare to say sumthing I kill you!

    • 2857

      and china is by far teh biggest co2 emitting country

      • LOL

        I still don't know what country Columbia is. Maybe you meant Colombia you rotten toothed Eurotrash.

        • turbosmurf

          in some languages, "Colombia" is written "Columbia". like "Moscow" and "Moskva" , "Munich" and "München" , you get the idea.

          • Robert

            Yeah, but no one here was writing in Armenian, Romanian, and Romansh.

            And LOL (above), you really should know which country Columbia is, especially if you're from the United States. Check the name of your capital.

    • yup

      The stats are out, but 'merica is still second or rated very highly in all of these.
      Destroying the world and getting fat is all you seem to do these days.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1319192166 Dayna Vaughan

        Ill give you the fat remark, we are a county full of cows, but destroying the world, really? GTFO.

      • BobPlant

        yeah just those two things-idiot.

  • Todd

    Are we douches because we are first in everything? I think not…

    • Rangerdanger

      No, we are douches because of the shit taking place in #15.

      • tom

        that pic was probably taken in the Netherlands?

  • http://twitter.com/givants @givants

    am with you buddy, fuckk you chive….get your shit together and update that app already… also no software update in nearly a year??? really

  • top dog


    • top dog


      • TiminPhx

        Well, you just keep on loving Vermont because they allow your type to get married there to one another.

        • nemesis

          Hypocrit. Moron. TiminPhx.

      • Matt

        You do know, George was NOT born in Texas, don`t you?

    • Chris T.

      Yeah, that 4-1/2% unemployment rate was truely awful. I just got my free Unicorn & Leprechaun in the mail; Obama promised me that the Unicorn will fly through the sky and creates oodles of rainbows which the Leprechaun will then harvest pots of gold for me. All I have to do is pay 115% tax on everything he finds!

      • Matt

        Deep fried unicorn?

      • top dog

        I'll bet you read Georges book didn't you? What'd he do, lie about his whole persidency? did he say none of that stuff happened? did you believe him?

        • Chris T.

          Didn't have to read his book to know that the economy has been on a downward spiral ever since the Dem's got a majority in both houses of congress. Bush (foolishly) tried to meet them in the middle, but meeting in the middle of something that far left is still, well, left. Then, when President Obama took office and gained his party a super majority, the shit-slide truly began.

      • topher

        Yes because when Obama took over is exactly when the economy went into the crapper and unemployment went to 9%.

        • Chris T.

          "Hope & Change®"

          *Some hope may not apply. Please send in all your change for details.

    • 2857

      i miss george

    • tom

      He may have made mistakes at least he was man enough to stand by them and not blame the prevous adm. for all his problems unlike your buddy obama

    • BobPlant

      ahhh what a dick

  • TiminPhx

    This is simply pretending to be a populist America posting. In reality, it's that tired combination of elitist left wingers and Euroweenies trying to bash the USA again.

    Yawn. Yet more snarky crap from soccer playing, homo, vegan pussies who can't stand the freedom that America represents and or that America had to keep some of them from being Nazi and then Communist bitches.

    Piss off you worthless sacks of crap.

    • topher

      It's sad that are votes count as the same.

      • topher

        sorry meant our… his comment just pissed me off.

    • top dog

      Why tweeniePhx, thats not true, where I'am from we just bash texas.
      FUCK TEXAS!!!

      • Htownpunk


    • abner

      OMG! Get over yourself!

    • Chris T.

      Fortunately for all of the twenty-something MTV nObama drones, America's backbone of hard-working, freedom-loving, ass-kicking patriots still have enough drive and personal responsibility to pay the tab for the all of the parasites who'd love to do nothing more than suck off the gov't teat and surf the web from their parents basements. Personally, I think the decision to do away with spankings and implement "time-outs" & "participation trophies" was really the beginning of the end of America's spirit.

      • topher

        What spirit are you talking about?

        • Chris T.

          If you have to ask….

          • topher

            That's not an answer.

            I seriously do not understand what you are talking about. If you mean nationalism, then I can understand that. But this so-called American spirit is bull shit. America is a mixture of cultures who believe what they think to be a good person. Not the confounded thoughts of one person trying to enforce those beliefs onto the whole nation.

    • K94

      So, when you get mad when people call the US a bunch of stereotypical things, you call your opponents even more stereotypical crap?

      Are you a moron?

    • Libertariandude

      Besides, what has soccer to do with this??

    • guest

      You are dumber then a box of rocks if you think America stands for anything relating to freedom anymore. Wake up, we're all here making other ppl rich and supporting the stupid, parasitic sobs that want to do nothing but live off foodstamps and pop babies out that they can't afford. America is in the shitter, and it ain't gonna get any better until it gets a whole lot worse.

      • Htownpunk

        Again…….you are a douche. I'd love to know what "Top Dog" state an anal abortion such as yourself calls home.

        • top dog

          It sure the ain't tex-ass, but fly. The only things come from texas is steers and queers….and ass holes. Besides, anywhere would be an inprovement over texas

          • Htownpunk

            It must be such a "fly" place to live "top dick" that you're too embarrassed to even mention which state it is. Wow! I'm so jealous! Now that's what I call state pride! I know one things for sure; I can tell by your spelling and grammar that the public school system wherever you come from is definitely shit. I think it's best that I just bow out now, you aren't worth my time. See, in order for me to have a conversation about something, I'll need somebody on the other end that has a mental capacity greater then that of a fucking tree roach. Later douche.

            PS – "steers and queers"???…………so original. Idiot.

      • Chris T.

        Though I reside in the people's republic of kalifohnia, I point to the rest of the country's wise political decisions of 11/2/10. I guess all that "fly over country" that Nancy and the rest of the washington elite aren't such a silent majority anymore. Can't wait for January's session of congressional hearings under Boehner's guard!

      • ryan

        I do not get how it is that so many people don't know how to use "than" or "then" properly.

    • The Knowledge

      Wow, that's the most ignorant and downright untrue comment ever, well done, the douche is strong with you.

  • jimbob jones

    The chick in #19 is English. Her name is Gemma Atkinson. I do believe you posted a gallery of her, for hich we are grateful. Do another one actually.

    • jimbob jones

      I mean #18

      • jeff goldblum

        welcom to earf!

    • youdummy

      Her boobs are clearly 'Merican. I think they were installed in California.

  • TiminPhx

    Oh, you are trying so hard to come off as some sort of elitist, far above your countrymen. And you seem to worry about what someone in Europe or any number of shithold 3rd world countries thinks of the United States.

    Obviously you are just a loser who having never accomplished anything, and who never will wants the company of other people who slam their own country. You then get to pretend you are superior to the actual achievers in your country, the one you take for granted you snarky little pussy.

    • stafferty

      Actually, I am trying to come across as a sarcastic asshole, which has been my record for years now. And placing the guy who deep fried a Plymouth and balloned up to 300 lbs as one of the "actual achievers" in the country shows how out of whack your priorities are.

      The truth is, like many of us, I am bored at work and want to try and make people laugh. Calm down, switch to de-caf and stop taking shit so seriously.

      • Pukey McPukerson

        I gotta puke

  • nemesis

    They are rates not absolutes, Einstein.

  • V4Vendetta14

    Seriously, we have 3-4 times the population of all those countries (except China). The only statistic we should be embarrassed about is being number 1 on the CO2 emissions. But we love our cars…

  • Yan

    What's with number 11?

  • HotFozz

    Errr, rate is PER CAPITA, bro. Population doesn't matter, the % of the population engaging in those activities matters.
    So if the US has the highest population, it also has a high number of people within that population pulling crap to give you that stat.

  • top dog

    You forgot India. Theres a reason why it's call "the worlds Largest Democracy", 1.15 billion.

  • Libertariandude

    Some are absolutes, like total crimes. Believe me, the States are by no means the most crime ridden country in the world. Almost every Latin American and Sub-Saharan African country has much higher crime rates.
    The teen pregnancy ranking seems inaccurate. In my home country of Ecuador, almost every working class girl gives birth to 1 or 2 kids by age 17. And that's even worse in other developing regions, like most of Africa.

    • Matt

      Ok, we know Ecuador sucks but haven`t you seen Jerry Spinger?

  • youdummy

    Damn it! I cant find the Bacon key.

  • roberto robot

    18 is not american she is british, gemma atkinson, google her!

  • Connor

    #12, if you look closely you will see that they are supposed to be Russian Troops.

    • Abner

      Who cares? They're hot and that is all that matters.

      • top dog

        What? a bunch of commie mutha fokers riding bears brandishing weapons is hot? You are one sick ass.

    • K94

      No duh. An AK-47 and a PPSH-41? You'd have to be pretty stupid to think they're not Russian. If I had to guess, it's another chance of accidentally putting the wrong image in the wrong post. That probably meant to go into the motivational post.

    • turbosmurf

      the bear is a Russian national symbol

  • K94

    Dude. The US has about 4.51% of the world's population. China and India combined is around 36.8%. We're pretty far from having the largest population.

  • BloodScrubber

    Only a true cossack would ride a bear into battle. With a captured German Mp40 no less. Classy.

  • Mike

    Funny I grew up and live in the country. My school owned a farm and a traffic jam is getting stuck behind a farmer when they decides to take his Combine out, and I still have never meet idiots like they show in these pictures. It makes me laugh how people who live in cities view people from the country.

    • Matt

      You know you`re a redneck if:

    • topher

      The same could be said about people who live in the country think about people who live in the city.

      • Mike

        Very true, but the people in the cities don't have to watch T.V. shows and movies that show downtown as a break in a cornfield if there even is a break. Hell according to Hollywood Omaha doesn't even have a building over 3 stories. We do have paved streets, we have malls, indoor plumbing and the internet. Also Nebraska does not have a southern or Oklahoma accent.

  • Jess

    You can all shake your head at #3 but if there's a zombie apocalypse, I'm stealing that truck.

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