‘Merica makes no apologies (26 photos)

  • 1iJack

    # 24 Pisses me the F-off. all some people like to do is talk shit about the US. Go to http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/cri-crime to get the real stats.

    • Grabcu

      Is this american website?

  • Matt

    #24 is mostly wrong. South Africa is #1 in rape, Dominca is #1 in crime, china is #1 in co2, switzerland is #1 in plastic surgery. Jeez, at least get your facts straight before attempting to make fun of something!

  • nouu

    #24 yeah, it's because we are the "melting pot" and this is where all those other countries come to commit crimes.

    • a BiPolar guy

      what on earth does that mean? Immigrants are criminals? we are a nation of immigrants. Even the "native" americans came here from asia long ago.

  • jake

    17 WHERE?

  • Buzbit

    #4 is a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. It was buried in a "time capsule" in Tulsa for fifty years. It was built to withstand a nuclear bomb but that is what it looked like when they dug it up. It is not deep fried.

  • Bobby

    This kinda thing is why Europeans etc laugh at America. Rednecks are so funny.

    • Bob

      Kinda cliche' to make fun of people who, on the whole, have more, enjoy more, and give more than other countries. Also, I'm a city person myself through and through. I live in Las Vegas. But the rednecks that people love to make fun of are seriously the kindest, nicest, most giving, and thoughtful people I have ever met. Their only problem is that they (like MOST Americans) just want to live their life, their way without being told they HAVE to pay for other peoples existence. Yes they do crazy stuff (i.e. deep-fry EVERYTHING!, and drive pick-up trucks *gasp*) but so do all of us stupid city people (i.e. sit outside starting at 6pm for doors to open on Nov 26th, waste money keeping up with stupid fashion trends, and bow down to Starbucks $5 beverages)

  • bob

    China's CO2 emmisions are 5x as large as the US's, have been since the mid 90s.

    The other countries in the list (russia, china, india) also have less prisoners because they execute more often for more crimes.

    Take yer list shove it.

    • the truth

      the us has more prisoners than anywhere else in the world. the amount of executions wouldn't even come close to evening the score. for example, china has over 1 billion people, the us has around 300 million, the us has the highest per capita incarceration, AND the highest # of prisoners.

  • Adam

    #25 is f'in epic. I want to do this to my car.

  • a BiPolar guy

    you know a lot about strangers don't you. Well I'm in my 50s, graduated from a major university, and as for the rest of you description,, no. just no.

    guess what. – this country has a LOT to apologize for. I don't hate america, I love it. It is a great country with a great people. But refusing to see our flaws means we've given up striviing to be better. If you love america demand it live up to it's greatness. accept nothing less,

  • tom

    #24 is a joke AMERICA love it or leave it

  • nomad78

    This post was made from an American author (Leo), in an American internet site and it is about American cult.
    Your arguments about insulting Europeans are invalid. So SFU bitches or find Leo who made, it and shoot him! You have enough ammo after all!!!

    • BobPlant

      who the fuck are you? BITCH

  • john

    Bob and Rick, is that our brother in law in number 21? If so I guess I'll count it as a win.

  • MetalSlayer09

    bacon. that is all.

  • anon

    Awwww….look at the little spooks in #9. Whoops.

  • tom

    It wasnt Bush who said everyone should own a house it was Clinton get your facts straight!

  • tom

    these stats cant be even close look at Jurez Mexico 3,000 murders just this year

  • Shinrahunter

    Umm yeah, except #18 is Gemma Atkinson, who is English.

  • proud canadian

    Merica. Go fuck yourself. Guilty until proven innocent as soon as you cross the border. Fucken hillbilly fucks!

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