There is a reason these girls are famous (24 photos)

  • Ken

    Very Nice!!


    never any woman of color on chive… it saddens me :/

    • Shogun

      i have to agree, even asian women got their own post. Chive show us the dark meat!!!

    • Shilling

      Suggestions to help the chive along:
      Gina Torres
      Rutina Wesley
      Zoe Saldana
      Gabrielle Union
      Angela Bassett
      Meagan Good
      Vivica A. Fox
      Katerina Graham

      And of course, the fallbacks: Halle Barry and Beyonce

      There's the intro course. Now, to the Google-Cave Chive-Man. And bring us the goods. 🙂

      • truthiness

        For The Love of God Stacey Dash!!!!

        • its_forge

          ^^^^^ This. All those other women are lovely too but I'd really like to see Ms. Dash in a variety of fitting and illfitting costumery. She really has all the right things in all the right places.

      • techgeek

        Selita Ebanks
        Jessica White
        Oluchi Onweagba
        Noémie Lenoir
        Rashida Jones
        Alicia Keys
        Christina Milian
        Jada Pinkett Smith
        Nia Long
        Rosario Dawson

    • V.Putin

      waa waa waa. Must everyone be represented all of time? You cry babies make me sick to stomach. Go to see women of color at Phat Asses and ask them to please post white women. Then immidiately go to closet an hang self.

    • shutup

      go turn on BET then

  • mattythegooch

    Thanksgiving may be over…..but, my "pop up thermometer" just went off. (that was lame, but i'm still hungover!)

  • vince

    Kate Beckinsale is simply fanfuckintastic…

    • top dog

      Yes she is, The sexiest vampire I've ever seen(Underworld). She can bite me on the neck anytime.

    • thedude

      Thumbs up for a Kate Beckinsale gallery —————–>

  • Oscar

    of all the pictures of Jessica Alba… why, Chive?

    • Its-a me, Mario

      It was in the archive, waiting to be re re re re posted.

      You know this.

    • 2857

      next it'll be in the photobombs

  • Ralq

    nope, didn't find the reason at all. there are way hotter chicks posted in thechives….

  • Ghost-of-Caesar

    Talentless (all) yet beautiful (mostly).

    • vince

      I must take umbrage with your assessment of my future wife, Kate Beckinsale…

    • hobo

      Aside from the obvious(Lohan, Megan Fox, that reality fatty, etc.) there are some legitimately talented actresses on there. Also, tits.

    • its_forge

      Becks is a kickass actor.

  • Ant


    • John Whitsel

      Taylor Swift?

      • Shilling

        Yep. Straightened hair at the AMAs.

        • tay

          the worst singer + looks like an alien = Fugly.

          • Its-a me, Mario

            …..Imma let you finish…….but you speak lies.

          • its_forge

            She can sing, I don't even think they use a Tunemaster on her, the songs they give her to sing are a little dull but certainly as good or better than 85% of the other drivel they're shoving at us these days, and the kid is so beautiful she's like a living doll, so yeah, you really have no idea what you're talking about.

            • ian

              They don't "give" her to sing……. She writes her own songs…

  • Afonso

    i know these are all celebrity girls, but, who is #24?

    • SpRoUsA

      ali fedotowky

  • vince

    Could we get a super HD version of that Jessica Alba pic? I'd like to be able to duplicate her house key from it…. 😉

  • Chris T.

    Oh Gee, look at that. Yet another Gallery that I CAN'T VIEW ON THE CHIVE APP I PAID FOR. You guys are awesome. SRSLY!

  • SaveTheRobots

    what a fantastic gallery. many thanks

  • top dog

    Yep Yep!! They are sexy, thats for sure. Eva Mendes, youuu look mavrvelous!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    I only recognize about half of them.

  • dan

    who is #5????? FUCKING SOOOO HOTT!

    • kinglbc

      x2 and a nice little bit of nipple too

    • guest

      laura torrisi

    • bomba86

      Laura Torrisi

  • NoOne

    Who is that in 13 thru 15 and whats the sauce?

  • someone

    Maggie Grace

    • someone

      whoops. that was supposed to be in reply to NoOne.

    • NoOne


  • nox

    who is number 7?


    • less10percent

      Audrey Hepburn

      • bradley

        Can I get a hell yeah!

  • milesjack

    Who is 9??????????????

  • V4Vendetta14

    #3 sandwich all the way!!!

    • me3

      Who are they?

      • Jack Burton

        Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell

        • its_forge

          Wow they're both grownups woo!!!! I can goof around without feeling like Pervy Uncle Carl.

  • Shilling

    Marion Cotillard. Seriously for all the people asking "Who is #?", check out Reverse image search. You can even put an extension on firefox to right click a picture and look it up. Every image on here is answerable by tineye except #11.

    • Moose

      Thanks for the advice!

  • truthiness

    I hate to inform you, but your test came back….


    • Cudaman

      I think he also owns a Powder Blue Prius

  • lawl

    who is 20

    • jabroni

      January Jones

  • mike

    WHO IS 9???????

    • ZapTheSheep

      Taylor Swift

      • zap

        oops, sorry. somehow got put under your question and not the one asking for #19

  • Htownpunk

    I've forgotten just how extraordinarily hot Kate Beckinsale is; thanks Chive, for the reminder.

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