• mark

    hindsight being 20/20 I'd have taken the ventilation shaft

    • gnomercy

      I second this.

    • truthiness

      What a bunch of utter trip this post is…

      It should be RUN FREE WHILE YOU CAN! The End.

    • hot carl

      perfect timing– my fiance recently bailed on me. this puts a smile on my face. thanks for being there, chive.

    • Spencer Thomson

      Your a fucking faggot with me. so eat my ass. while i suck your dick

  • placement

    run, run wild and free.

    back to changing diapers

  • jerseyslugo

    got a wife & kid in baltimore, jack. went out for a ride and i never came back

    • topher

      You're a horrible person. At least be a man and end it to her face, and be there for your kid. Jackass.

      • peoplearedumb

        It's a song, moron.

      • isawoj

        Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack!
        I went out for a ride and I never went back.
        Like a river that don't know where its flowing,
        I took a wrong turn and I just kept going

        Everybody's got a hungry heart
        Everybody's got a hungry heart
        Lay down your money and you play your part
        Everybody's got a hungry heart

      • Merc

        I feel sorry for you…
        Not because your an idiot, but because you don't know a song by the boss when you see it.

        • orlando

          it's you're and idiot

          • orlando

            and so am I for trying to correct merc and failing

            • TheBossSucks

              Bruce Springsteen sucks my ass. He is the most overrated musician EVER.

  • mipo2010

    If you're in the ring store it's already too late!!!

    • kitkat49601

      HA! It's NEVER too late…I know because I've been married 4 times. It's called a "do it yourself divorce". And now I've been single and HAPPY for 10 years…and I'm gonna stay this way!!! Bwahahaaaaaa!

      • kitkat49601

        I admit I get lonely sometimes, but after putting up with some asshole crowding your space all the time, getting jealous and starting fights, being drunk and WHINY about it…oh, and beating the crap out of me physically or verbally, I can definitely say I'm happy.

  • mattythegooch

    I was pretty much drunk the entire courtship period……….been a 3 yr hangover since!!

    (just kidding, honey! She peeps theChive daily)

    • stafferty

      You are still going to be in trouble anyway.

  • BigDingo

    Worked out well for me so far…

    • MrWendal00

      give it time son…..give it time.

    • truthiness

      It's kind of like reverse hypothermia…warm and inviting, then it becomes teeth chattering cold and miserable.

  • jerseyslugo

    jason, its a BRUCE song . dont get your panties in bunch , you douche

  • Z-Ro

    I'm a bachelor. I love my life. I am not creepy. I will never get married. Statistically I will live longer than a married men. I do whatever the fuck I want when I want to. Since she left I save a lot more money, I"m a lot less stressed, and I still get laid a lot. I'm not saying sometimes it's not lonely, but during those times I think about all the bullshit I used to put up with then go play black ops and everything is o.k.

    • Gregg

      Hats off to you sir.

    • MrWendal00

      here here!!!

    • Ninja master

      Black ops is for people who get owned in batlefield. Lolz…i am more betters fps then youz. Me kill you face wif combat nife.

    • Robert


    • ThatGuy

      Forever alone.


    4th anniversary today!!! No regrets at all, 2 beautiful kids and an awesome wife who dosn't turn down sex!!

    • kdogg

      Been 10 years. 2 beautiful kids and awsome wife who doesn't turn down sex.

      • Trixie

        13 years 2 terrific kids. Turn down sex?? Does not compute. 🙂

        • drea

          ahaha trixie u rock

      • @Suburbsexaddict

        True, your wives do not turn down sex. Thanks girls!

    • drea

      i dont understand women who turn down sex…….

    • homer

      Yeah, I was saying that at year 4, too. Wait till 7. It all starts to unravel then and just gets worse and worse. Finally got out after 16 years. Life is fun again.

  • equalizermax

    at least someone's going to wash the dishes after I eat…

  • zym

    jerseyslugo, I have to say they'll pass you by, in the wink of a young girl's eye. Glory days.

    • jerseyslugo

      BORN 2 RUN , zym BORN 2 RUN

    • jerseyslugo

      BORN 2 RUN zym BORN 2 RUN

  • wkdfrog

    grass, greener

  • Harry Montague

    Lets see…Sex every night for the rest of my life, or sleeping alone
    I'll take my chances with the ring
    Maybe you guys can find a nice girl with a sex addition, trust me its worth it

    • real

      agreed, and we arent all that uncommon, some people luck out with one with a sex addiction, loves to cook, follows sports and can match you drink for drink, but we are few and far between,

      • Trixie

        How do you know me so well? 🙂 Well aside from the cooking part.

      • drea

        tru…..i dont doubt im a great catch…..i loooooove football (GO CHARGERS) and i like to cook (cant say i love it) but i do love sex in healthy doses ( 3-4 days a week is good for me) and i have an amazing ass….just thought id add that in as well….

        • Ninja master

          You ams dumb whore who listen not to bruce springzsteen and iz fat. eat yourself fatty and make half my wages cuz womens iz dumbs and bad at maths.

      • dfwtx

        Where have you been all my life?

    • Z-Ro

      No, it's not. Behind every hot girl with a sex addiction is a guy who is tired of fucking her. I'll stick to variety

  • osborl12

    Too long, did not read.

  • Some Bloke

    There's a girl that lives up the block – back in school she could turn all the boys heads. Sometimes on a Friday I'll stop by and have a few drinks, after she's put her kids to bed.

  • jason in pc

    jersey slugo sounds like he lives up to his name! i do not know how so many guys can give up their children like that. i could not imagina a day with out my two, and i would do anything to stay by their side. … slugo, your worse than slug excrement in my book.

    • Max Power

      I'm pretty sure he's just quoting a Springsteen song.

    • peoplearedumb

      Yet another moron who has apparently never heard a famous Bruce Springsteen song.

  • Anonymous

    Statistically, single men are dumber, and less able to interpret facts and statistics. Not surprised.

  • Married Chiver

    5 years of marriage… can't say it has been 100% blissful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Maybe it has something to do with being with the right woman.

  • fasterthanu

    I wonder what it says in the females restroom.

    • kitkat49601

      It says "so-and-so has herpes!!

  • TheDonger

    The sign is funny. People need to lighten up.

    Regarding marriage – I just celebrated 8 yrs. Wife woke me up with a BJ.

    • kitkat49601

      Okay…that is something that I miss…giving them!! lol

  • nathan

    2 years and its been great! of course I found a really hot girl that lets me stick it in her butt and splooge on her face. you find one like that you'd be a fool not to put a ring on it.

  • truthiness

    I am no longer surprised, disappointed or expect much from the mentally challenged…So no.

  • Matty's wife

    Make your own damn Lasagna! I'm going out with my Harpy friends to talk about how small your wang is.

  • drea

    Oh and I'm a dumb whore bag slut face scab eater. I love my balls, i have balls between my legs and I'm a dumb whore girl with balls. Haz sum?

  • hot carl

    Statistically, 5 out of 4 people are bad at statistics.

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