Whenever Shay Maria takes new photos, we will post them (7 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.zimmerman Doug Zimmerman

    the hottest.

  • bummer

    naked boobies needed!!!!!!!!

  • MMAN87

    Shay… is absolutely gorgeous! That smile in #4 would convince me to do just about anything
    :p Havent heard of her 'till now, but I would predict that she may be of mixed race…gotta love those, people!

  • pip

    Thank you!

  • jake


  • Matt

    wow yeah she did tone it up I LOVE IT!!! its pretty apparent she also lost a cup size to. I love that too. She used to have boobs that were a bit to big for her body. The new her is PEEEERFECT!!!!!!!!! i'm lovin it!!

  • spaceboi

    More More More.

  • Grey

    MOAR !!…. please Sir, I want some MOAR !!

  • mahvel

    But you guys didnt post her not-so-revealing shoot with the hundreds. I think it was somehow related to prop 19 and some special GREEN clothing they were putting out.

  • fyngyrz

    #7; now that's what I'm talking about. She looks like she's got serious feminine chops there. Right on.

  • 4545

    keep it up chive

  • Jose

    I'm from Chile and I just wanna say this:

    – We survived an 8.8 earthquake this february.
    – We saved the miners last october (all 33 of them).

    And now I just found out that this smoking hot girl is part Chilean.

    I'm just saying, it's a great year to be Chilean…

  • Jay.

    I bookmarked this: http://fuckyeahshaymaria.tumblr.com/archive
    And I check it every week…

    She is awesome

  • tqt

    That's right honey…strrreeeeeeettccchhh ah that's better.

  • asd

    natural tits, nice face and hair, fucking lovely!

  • davestern


  • Dazza

    I'd buy that for a dollar

  • john Egan


  • philhuty

    I liked her better when she was thicker and had short hair. it was unique. now she looks like everyone else..booorrriinnggg

  • Timbo the destroyer

    she is in a fucking cubicle in one! That means she is a regular working stiff… who is also totally fucking hot.

  • Always Last


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