LA Auto Show: Infiniti Essence Concept (25 HQ Photos)

This new Infiniti Essence Concept is truly stunning. I couldn't find an angle that didn't look amazing...

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  • QuitoQueso

    I don't see a single reason that Infiniti shouldn't produce this car right this second. Please Infiniti, for the love of car lovers everywhere, make this car, and don't skimp on the details. Please.

  • Jimmy

    Trying to out-do Lexus since they made a super car…now all the luxury brands will make their own.

  • Shogun

    stunning car in photos and at a car show but if i saw that thing on the road i would have to laugh.

  • Matt

    Holy shit. makes my G37 look like poo.

  • equalizermax

    I'm going to buy 2 this Christmas

  • Forrest

    Are you sure this thing got shown at the LA show? This car is old news. Yes it looks amazing, but this certainly isn't the first time its been shown at an auto show. It debuted at the Geneva auto show in 2009. It was a design study, certainly not meant for production. And no Jimmy, it definitely is not Inifinit's response to the Lexus LFA.

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