Noble Canadian firefighter, this leg gallery is for you (26 Photos)

Last Friday, an anonymous Edmonton firefighter sent us a photo of himself (below) right after some teenage girl had pile-driven nearly 40 feet into a office complex. Apparently, he'd delivered a baby earlier that day and enough was enough; the ruggedly-handsome Chiver humbly requested a leg gallery. This one's for you, buddy.

  • mattythegooch

    Holy Shit, that is a fine collection of "get away sticks" aka "gams"!!!

    26 is flawless……

    • zacka

      26 is redonculous

  • equalizermax

    We need to do this very often

    • Lau


      Additionally, the police officers require an epic lower back problems post, and the paramedics require a, er, ahem "posterior" post. You know, just to keep things even.

      • Gabriel Noronha Grecco

        All for a good cause

  • loveit

    Sweet god I love this post.

    • Big_Hairy_Si

      Church! I've been enlightened to the way of the leg!

  • nepster

    Thank you canadian fireman dude for requesting said gallery.

  • cyphon

    since you're taking requests< i'll have a gallery of rachel mcadams with a side of Mila Kunis

    oh and nice work on this gallery

    • Bunker Punk

      thumbs up *starts calling friends for their thumbs*

    • Jake

      And a side of Kate Beckinsale please

  • Craven Morhead

    i'm not a noble firefighter but can we get a recap of the v.s. show tonight, tomorrow?

  • chrisdg74

    Women's beach volleyball uniforms. Perhaps the only thing hotter than "regular" volleyball uniforms.

    • Carl R. Evans



      That's a debate I want to see, with much photographic evidence on both sides.

  • Shiyan

    Beautiful! They are all gorgeous.

  • refsgh

    A leg gallery without Blake Lively is like a slap in our faces

    • dennis

      well then thank god for 20 and 25, both Blake Lively

  • JIm

    Chive, more post on legs and tush please!

  • SAJ

    7, 10, 26

  • dajesus

    They're like rainbows. Great to look at but getting to the end would be good too.

  • sgtg

    Either the perspective is messed up, or #12 has bigger feet than Big Bird.

    • nudity and fluids

      good god, those are f'n huge skis

  • Bobba Fett

    I sure like legs, but I like how legs end much better.
    Great gallery. Thanks to John and the firefighter guy!

    • Craven Morhead

      foot fetish…thats odd

      • DarthDuckky

        I'm think he's moving from the bottom up…

  • Luke

    Best gallery ever!

  • Danny P

    "Let's go back to my place and spread the word…"

  • Jeeesh

    Reggie Bush should be wearing shorts if we are supposed to look at his legs…or at least some jeggings, jeesh

    • top dog

      I don't think that picture was about Reggie Bush.

      • top dog

        I may not recognize them legs, but I'd know that bootie anywhere, thats double K.

  • femtrooper

    Mila Kunis makes me happy.

  • Pete Ribaudo

    prove it

    • Diana Santos

      I would't be stupid to the point of lying when I'm here connected through Facebook…you can go check :p

      at least,i like them 😀


        I checked – "content unavailable" – nice try.

        • Diana Santos

          maybe because you haven't connected facebook…

    • BigDingo


    • Hobo

      checked… she aint lying. Her body is infuckingcredible!

      • Diana Santos

        thanks lol and who where you on facebook? i recieved more than one fr..:p

        • Wayne Jackson

          me 🙂

        • Hobo

          btw pic 42 is my favorite.

          • Diana Santos

            ok,now i know who u are lol one of my favorites too,ty 🙂

  • Al_Buck

    Kudos on the gallery…I like legs, and they always seem to make an ass out of themselves…which I like just as much…

  • Corey

    Yet another wonderful thing firefighters do for us

  • Zelbar

    The accident happened just down the street from my office. What a mess. She had hit another car, passed by 2 parked cars, over the curb, across the parking lot and into the building pinning another woman under the car who was sent to hospital with serious injuries.

  • top dog

    "DON'T TEASE ME BRO" These legs are nice but, you guys gotta show more girls with big booties, not fat ass booties but, nice round booties you don't mind looking at. Big fat ass booties violate my eye constitution.

    • maynard

      #5..that's an ass my friend. #24 looks like the front bumper on a tug boat.

      • top dog

        DAMN!! You're serious to ain't you?

  • metalcool36

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! They brought back "THE FEET" in #12

    • top dog

      I tell ya she got toes like a fuckin vampire.

  • Cheesus

    Great gallery, but a leg gallery without Stacy Kiebler is unforgivable.

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