Noble Canadian firefighter, this leg gallery is for you (26 Photos)

Last Friday, an anonymous Edmonton firefighter sent us a photo of himself (below) right after some teenage girl had pile-driven nearly 40 feet into a office complex. Apparently, he'd delivered a baby earlier that day and enough was enough; the ruggedly-handsome Chiver humbly requested a leg gallery. This one's for you, buddy.

  • Eric

    #3 More of #3 please.

  • FranticMind

    Yess 🙂 More legs and ass galleries please

  • Bisketz

    #26 is the best pic on the chive….ever!

    Thanks Chive, you made my last 1.5 years (long as I've been a chiver)

  • JoelJordet

    Mine as well..

  • Diggler

    Hellllllllooooo Rachel!!!

  • G-Money

    the fuck do you post a leg gallery for an Edmonton dude and not post LBP's for the Calgary dude who has sent you GOLD… GOLLDDDDDDD

  • ryan white

    are you kidding me!? Where's the picture of Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman?

    • ryan white

      or the one of her in GQ. Those are some fine legs

  • Kyle

    #7 is my favorite.

  • nick

    i know 24. she's a friend from middle school on my facebook! this was her default for awhile actually. she has a lot good stuff. name is jesse gravino.

  • SpRoUsA

    Who is #17? MUST HAVE!


    The CHIVE always manages to impress me every day.

  • adobe

    Again – thanks for sneaking in a little more Mila Kunis!

    Do I sense a trend? Yes – please!

  • Ben

    I was going to say #9 was my favorite but then I hit #26

  • Ryan

    Two words… no four words…


    other than that, this should have been 100% an ALL BLAKE LIVELY gallery since she has the greatest legs EVAR!

  • Doug Zimmerman

    Hey, I'm from Edmonton! That's my city! REPRESENT!

    ps nice legs

  • HardCoreMike

    #7 FTW… no wait 26… no wait….

  • Anonymous

    Lets get one of yoga pants!

  • nemesis

    Thumbs for "Legs Tuesday">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Patrick

    OMG #7

  • @elcocov

    23 and 26 will do for this Texas Firefighter

  • Boscoe

    You're kidding with #16, right?

  • Tim4290


  • ryan

    Firefighters think alike love the legs thank you

  • Stanji

    Chive, how can you post a leg gallery and not have the best legs on there??
    For those who can't guess, I'm talking about Stacy Keibler of course!!

    • Stanji

      im just sayin btw. This gallery is still incredible

  • Crash

    Really?!?! A leg gallery without Stacey Keibler???

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