Noble Canadian firefighter, this leg gallery is for you (26 Photos)

Last Friday, an anonymous Edmonton firefighter sent us a photo of himself (below) right after some teenage girl had pile-driven nearly 40 feet into a office complex. Apparently, he'd delivered a baby earlier that day and enough was enough; the ruggedly-handsome Chiver humbly requested a leg gallery. This one's for you, buddy.

  • illadelph

    #21 Adriana Lima… Mirror FTW. Also Mila Kunis pulls off those tight jeans flawlessly.

  • jehammerby

    11 & 12 are just so amazing

  • asd

    we need more of these…

  • northerner

    Thanks, Chive, from a devout "Leg Man", made my day! But of course, must thank Rachel for her lovely tush complete with a decent wedgie. Yummy stuff! And thanks to the Canadian Firefighter for his request. A big high five to all fire fighters around the world for the awesome job they do and the dangers they face for us in all our communities.

  • Spivias

    omg if there is a leg gallery
    why is there not a picture of julianne hough's leg

  • Maynard B

    ….and the real beauty of hot legs is they're attached to alot of other hots things we like!

  • Maynard B

    Diana, we'd be more than happy to be the judge of that, stop your grinnin' and drop your linen baby.

  • Spitfire

    Who in gods name is 22? I feel like im the only one staring at her

  • OilerPride

    Hey guys from the Chive, thanks for listening to my request… the buddies at the hall got a good kick out of this one!

  • loveyou

    and so is your p.o.v.

  • holesmoker

    the right foot in picture #12 would win an ass kicking contest without any doubt.

  • Sugreev2001

    Thank you,Chive.Please make this post a regular section.

  • NoOne

    Who is #11?

  • johnny

    attention whore anyone?

    • Diana Santos

      jealousy idiot anyone? :*

  • DawnMarie

    Not to sound stuck up….but I think MY legs are better than over half of these ladies….whoops, did I say that outloud? hehe

  • Bruges

    Who else wants to go to Edmonton, find that man, and high 5 him?

  • ohwhatthehell
  • Jared

    Props to the boys to fight the fires.

  • MMAN87

    I certainly am proud to be Canadian B)

  • teximport

    CHIVE, more legs!! ME WANT MORE !!!

  • Mikey

    Chive, how did you miss Emma Watson, after all the posts done with her in them, I think she deserved to be in this one. With that being said, GREAT post, keep up the good work.

  • OilerPride

    Hey all, from the FF that suggested this post to begin with… I say we try to get another going…. request… and thanks for the support and Firefighting love…

    Edmonton Firefighter (

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