Playboy auction held because, well, Playboy needs money (16 HQ Photos)

Let me be frank, I love Playboy. It’s a boyhood beacon of hope that has represented pretty much anything and everything I’ve ever wanted out of life (hint: future lower back problems). But unfortunately there’s this new thing called the internet and it doesn’t get along with companies who like to profit off of sexy women. Why buy the cow when you can have the sex for free?

Anyways, Playboy announced The Year of the Rabbit, an auction of more than 125 works from the corporate collection of Playboy Enterprises. From contemporary works by Salvador Dalí and Tom Wesselmann to iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe from the pages of Playboy magazine, the collection is comprised mostly of works that were commissioned by the ground-breaking magazine.

Playboy if you’re listening, just know that I love you. Also, you should let me in the Mansion.

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