• Long Duck Dong

    I'll guess something pretty good

  • top dog

    What ever shes on not to many people around her seen to give a flying fluck.

  • Al_Buck

    I'd have to say Ecstacy…she seems to be enjoying the water WAY too much.

    • Monty Ford

      I've taken E and seen people on it, and that's not E. She's on hallucinations or she has mental issues-

    • ikindalikeapples

      nah dude, thats mdmt. not shrooms or e. shrooms or acid would not let you act that crazy in front of that many people (paranoia). and its def not coke. only mdmt would let you have that much fun.

      • idiot


        • Ballzonya

          …also mdma IS e

          • Phil

            Yeah it's gotta be extasy… or MDMA. Pretty much the same, I guess MDMA is more "pure" or some shit. But anyway…

            At first I was thinking shrooms but shrooms don't make you want to dance so much. Actually when I heard music on shrooms I couldn't handle it lol.

          • moron

            nope, retard. are you on this shit too?

            • guest

              if you look up e or mdma on Wikipedia I'm pretty sure it says " an uncontrollable urge to dance", id say this video fits that description.

    • johnny

      as soon as she started dancing it was pretty evident that it was e

      • antz

        mos def E, have been like this a couple of times myself on it (usually naked thou)

    • The Dealer

      it was X. i sold it to her.

  • wildchild


  • USMC Vet

    Cocaine is a hulluva drug

  • ne14fuun

    Ke$ha???? lol

    • Toby

      No, it can't be Ke$ha, as this is clearly a girl, not a tranny.

    • Cory

      Ahhhh, beat me to it!

    • cpt

      no this chick actually looks good, but goddamn that cracked me up for a good while, thanks

    • Penelope

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Mark Farmer

    just listening to "In Need (live)" by GFR, playing the video without sound, and the girl is perfectly in sync. hilarious. to me, at least

  • raging clue

    She's on dimensia
    or e

  • AshErin

    bahaha your

  • petwookiee

    Reminds me of those lads at the Indian water park from several months ago… But thongier.

  • Jesse

    Um, she lost a bet?

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      I think she's winning a bet.

    • AnyoneforCoffee

      Scrolling through the comments……did anyone even watch the last 10 seconds?!

  • Danny Boyland

    easy, everyone does this: distract ing from the fact that she is urinating in the pool

  • Jim

    It's called Molly, and she is having just as much fun as she seems to be.

    • raging clue

      No Jim, It's called malle

    • bud


  • Gordon of Hesselink


  • TIZ

    i'm going to have to say a jeffy

  • Diana Santos

    she is only desperate to get attention B)

  • Steve Shaw

    Looks like E to me… I could be wrong, but I've been to a few raves and seen lots of broads doing shit like that…. usually in Mud.

  • Techonoviking

    The long lost daughter of the Techonoviking

  • Craven Morhead

    this is where the expression what happens in vegas stays in vegas comes into effect

    though i think by all the banana hammocks this is europe somewhere

    • wilram

      Russia. Typical Russian fucked up teens tripin' on Acid
      the voice in the background is talking russian
      not in europe.

  • Jimbalo

    Duh, she's on spring break.

    No, seriously, my money is on MDMA.

  • Jay

    Holy crap she is trippin her balls off!

  • Markus

    reminds me of ijustine 😉 seems like something she could do (pretty sure it isnt her though)

  • Puf

    Only can be LSD

    • Kyle

      I gotta agree here. This is pretty typical LSD behavior. Why anyone would go to a crowded pool on LSD is something of a mystery, but hey, who am I to judge.

  • Brand_n

    Am I the only one hoping the music was added into the video after the fact (for comedy's sake)?

  • MisterTeehee

    Psh, easy, alcohol and salvia. Been there done much worse.

    • mememe

      yup, my bet is on salvia as well.. for I have also found myself under its awesome influence.

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