• Vincent Cornu

    Is that what you call "Actor's studio" in the USA ?

  • Robert Lutchendorf


  • Dave Angle

    It's a Jeffery! Gotta Mind F*ck em!

  • chogme

    i say acid and ecstasy. o ya!!!!!! candy flip!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pure MDMA…… I hope.

  • Alexis

    Flash mob party of 1?

  • Gravy Boat Cpt

    maybe its a weekend at Bernie's 2, situation and the music just takes over!

  • obliviousMA

    did anyone watch the end. I think she was dared to do that. anyone who actually watched the end would know.

  • mellll

    Well, she might have just been screwing around. her friends have a camcorder and are filming her the whole time.

  • Lincoln

    She's on RUSSIA

  • arff


  • Jake_Teh_Snake

    As you can see here this is very rare specimen called the blonde mermaid. We are watching her die from lack of water.

  • Jimbob

    I think what you have here are Europeans they are odd

  • joey.cunha

    bath salts… gotta be a zombie dance. 🙂

  • dbo

    Dance like no one is watching..

  • Higgety Piggety

    She is adorable…

  • dave

    It's definitely a combo.. Ecs explains the way she was movin in the water… and any kinda upper in combo explains those wild, sick-ass moves. Most likely coke just due to where this is takin place(country.. not public pool).

  • Muzzy muffster

    I'll have two of what she's having

  • unknown

    im pretty sure that guy she sat on at the end had no idea who she was
    and ya thats acid

  • Dylan

    I'll tell you what she's on… she's on the internet.

  • Boba Fett

    System Err…

  • Vika

    methamphetamine or extasy certainly

  • Ryan

    seriously… why does Russia get to have all the fun all the time

  • Bob

    She is on Dubstep. this should be a controled substance not weed.

  • Holy crap

    Wait until she see's the video, and how much of an ass she made of herself. I agree its not Cocaine, its definetly E, that shes on. Time to stop doing drugs. Drugs + spring break = dumb whore. Lmao thanks for making me laugh, dumb blond girl 😀

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