Two foreigners go gun shopping in the US -like kids in a candy store (20 photos)

  • eROKv

    history lesson – after the attack on pearl harbor, japan actually considered invading the continental US but yamamoto (who went to harvard) knew that just about every citizen of the US had a gun (or several) and there was no way in hell it would work, so they decided against it.

  • Guz

    Sadly, I think they'll be Brits. The Chav is the Brit equivalent of your 'trailer trash', and there's two right there.

  • Travvvvy

    The haven for a zombie apocalypse, hope they have beef jerky

  • Steven

    That is in goose creek sc, been there several times

  • BigJohn

    America, FUCK YEAH

  • femtrooper

    I want 16 and the pink one in 18…

  • top dog

    "This is my weapon,
    and this is my gun, (grab your groin)
    this is for fighting
    this is for fun" (grab your groin)

  • Travis

    #1. You have to be an american citizen to buy a gun here. Most gun laws also restrict where you can buy guns by state. As a KY resident I can buy in KY or neighboring states. I cannot buy from California but who would?…they've outlawed all the good ones.

    #2. I think you can buy the rocket lauchers…with the right permits. Expensive as heck considering you would be paying a $200 permit fee for every single shell you purchased. And that is just one permit…others may apply.

    • ericvdm

      I'm from Indiana, so my experience buying guns is that you just need to be of age (18 for rifles and 21 for pistols) with valid ID and no criminal history. You don't need a special card to buy guns or ammo. So my guess is that you would be able to buy one in Indiana as a KY resident

      • Derek

        It depends on what you're buying. Full auto firearms, armor piercing rounds, explosives etc. all require federal firearms licenses plus whatever your state requires. My state, Ohio, has a cap on magazine capacity at 31 rounds but you can get a permit for larger mags. As for being a resident of the particular state I'm not sure. If you can complete the NICS you should be fine just about anywhere.

  • top dog

    Use a frag grenade.

    • PHil

      AA-12 gets it done

      • jwwiggles

        zombie attack should do it

      • No-name


  • um..

    um… if you need the M249 SAW in #6 for 'home protection' – probably might be an idea to move out of the neighbourhood you're in.

    • Derek

      Easy mistake, note the magazine. That's probably chambered in .22 LR. Just looks cool. Plus most states have limits on magazine size in everything but .22 LR so there are a lot of guns like that one out there.

    • No-name

      And another thing, did you know that private ownership of machine guns was outlawed in the eighties with the exception of any machine gun that was in civilian hands before the act? I'm pretty sure that SAW hasn't been sitting there for 30 years. It's probably either a semi-automatic 22 caliber or a gutted display unit.

  • The Real D. Nozzle
    • Ballzonya

      Yeah, It was the gun's fault…grow up.

  • ericvdm

    #12 S&W 500. that gun is amazingly scary. My friend's dad has one and we shot at a watermelon with a 350 grain hollow point. Completely vaporized the watermelon

  • Slakker_Bob

    omg, droool. Can dual citizens buy permits for some of that fun?

    Anyone have an ugly sister(in-law) they want to ship to Canada? 😀

    No Fat Chicks!

  • anon

    Sorry to disappoint, but we are allowed to own guns in the U.S. Get over it, gun haters.

    • BloodScrubber

      While I concur with the sentiment of your statement, the word "allowed" would be wholly incorrect.
      Emphasis on the word…RIGHT.
      "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    • No-name

      The Second Amendment isn't just our right to own military grade weapons (one must not forget that the 'assault rifle' of the era was the muzzle-loading musket, which was used by every major power of the world for a couple of centuries varying only in the presence/lack of rifling and the firing mechanisms) , it also provides for our DUTY to use them when necessary (like home defense, resisting a foreign occupation force, or against a tyrannical left-wing government that is trying to take our rights away – that sort of thing.)

  • CM-Voodoo

    That store is ATP Gun Shop and Range in Summerville, South Carolina. I know this because I am a member there. Most of those guns pictured are standard fare at any good gun store, which is more rare in the south. Some of them are for display purposes only (ie, rocket launcher, mortar tube, M249), but all the rest are fully legal to buy as long as you can pass a Federal BATFE background check.

  • kmandew

    Ahhh, I see this sort of display in every gun shop in every small to medium sized town in America. Alabama anyways. Let this be noted to any of you thinking of invading. The South, anyways.

    Most of these, except for the pistols, can be bought at Walmart. Fucking A, I love my country and I own at least 7 weapons. Of course my redneck brother owns about 23, he goes overboard.

    • That guy again

      Good for you! Just keep shooting eachother.

    • NOW WHAT?

      How is 23 overboard?

  • greenman

    Do Americans realise just how fucked up this is?
    In Australia we just stab cunts.

  • jaded

    Good god I knew a lot of chivers weren't the brightest people out there, but it's truly frightening how many of you lot are pro-guns.
    Love the chive but my view of your audience has just taken an epic dive. I thought we were smarter than this.

    • fibonacci5150

      nope, your crew is not smarter than ours, guess you should leave 😦

    • Whubbsie

      haha what? the The chive is all tits and ass and you expected high brow stance on guns!??!

  • mike

    'merica…..what else you expect….

  • Cudaman

    So if every legally aged citizen was allowed to carry a concealed weapon in your town, do you think a criminal would try to rob somebody? I think not, unless they have a death wish.

    • Whubbsie

      yep that will stop the sane ones, you know the one that even though they are threatening you at gun/knife point if you stand up to them they will flee…. not so much for the one that would actually kill you for the spare change in your pocket those ones will just shoot you first and take your money second.

      so yeah that will stop most petty crime but will mean and escalation in more grievous ones.

      and seriously are you willing to kill someone so they don't take your tv, or the 20 buck in your wallet?

      • NOW WHAT?

        Yes i am.

  • trollradius

    Gun = inanimate objects. Neither good nor bad, that is up to the user. If you are trained properly, you should be able to buy/own whatever weapons the feds allow into the country. I think background checks are a good idea, but banning certain features (or things like BATFE 922R compliance/SBR/AOW rules for those who know the laws) are pretty stupid and should at the very least be revised for less confusion. States have the power to enact their own provisions, which is a good thing. It gives you a choice… you can live in a state which has strict or loose gun control, depending on your preference. Live and let live. I do not mean to downplay gun violence, as sometimes people do get hurt/killed from the irresponsibility of others, but that is the price you pay for living in a free society. I don't trust the government to keep me safe… I trust myself to do it, thus I am a gun owner. The police are only minutes away when seconds matter…

    PS If you do choose to own a firearms please exercise proper safety and take the time to train for their use =D

    PPS If you're anti-gun you're gonna come running for us when the zombies come. I'll help, right after you admit that I was right.

    • wackpatty

      I truly hate the 922r. That is such as fucking hassle

  • henti

    fuck america is such a piece of shit ,it might be first world but the whole world still hates you coz you just solve problems by shooting them fucked up.America the land of the free!!!!!

    • trollradius

      Because you know, it's not like they're just hack your limbs off with a machete in Africa or stone you to death in the Middle East, or even cane your ass in Singapore. In fact, we invented violence in America, especially gun violence. No one ever even tried it before us or since then. You guys are all just posers.

  • superfIuous_you

    this gun store is a big deal? i can find at least 4 or 5 w/ as much stock or more w/in 50 mile radius. big whoop. try for easy internet shopping 🙂

  • blow me

    America… probably the stupidest country in the world.

    • str8shooter

      Yep. That's why every other country in the world comes running to us when they need help.

  • hellrysr

    Apart from the baby pink Glock, WOW! Simply WOW!

    • Ramon

      It's a Kahr, not Glock

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