Two foreigners go gun shopping in the US -like kids in a candy store (20 photos)

  • Anonymous

    #8 Do they keep a midget in the store for target practice?

  • Da Sandman

    and then they wonder why there are so many people shot…

  • Andrew

    My full time job is as a Parole Officer, but I work part time at a gun store on weekends. I am originally from England, so yes, I have seen gun control laws at work. Not really impressed.

    Guns are inanimate objects, similar to matches. They only cause crime when the user takes their proper use and converts it to immoral aims. I have to carry a gun full time due to my job. I also live in the area where my 100 convicted felons live, so I gladly carry full time. I pray to God that I will never have to use any of my guns in self defense but I finish that prayer with a request for help if it should ever become necessary to protect my family.

    My beliefs about the second amendment were solidified however not by my job, but by two experiences. There have been two times when I thought I was going to use a weapon in self defense and both of them were before I became a parole officer. One involved a man with a crowbar in a restaurant parking lot. He wolf-whistled my ex-wife, so she flipped him the bird and kept walking. He pulled his car in front of ours as we were getting in, and got out with a crowbar. I pointed my Glock 23 at him and he left. So now I ask you this: Let us pretend that I didn't carry a pistol for self-defense, or that my rights had been taken away because a well-protected politician decided that I couldn't be trusted; what should I have done? Gotten in my car, allowed my wife to be attacked? Thrown myself between her and the much larger asswipe with the crowbar?

    Damn, I mean I wear a gun but I don't want to shoot anyone. That being said I am mentally ready to shoot if the situation demands it. Similarly, I wear a seatbelt every time I drive but I am not hoping to have to use it either.

  • Pete Ribaudo

    you, uh can't buy an RPD like in 6 can you? I mean if your just a civilian and not in swat? Cuz if so im gonna go get a license 2morrow

  • Randy

    This store is in South Carolina. Been there many times

  • Razgard

    I see a M82 .50 rifle, some MAGNUM .400 "Dirty Harry" style, some military grade Berettas and Colts, M4 carbines, some Glocks… DAMN, that's a dream palace!!!

  • Wakka Wakka

    Texas is the shit, and we have the best economy in the US, and we love our F**king guns. Try to rob my house and you'll have my sawed off 12 gauge staring at you coming down the hallway, if you can make it. But I love peace 😉

    • Ramon

      That's funny because a sawed off that is too short is illegal. Illegal enough to cause them to take the rest of your guns away.

  • Chuck!

    This gun shop is in Summerville, SC and is called ATP. Lots and lots of guns there, but have about a 30% mark up over MSRP. In SC you can own a gun so long as you have a valid ID and no felonies. You can also own a silencer, little bit of paper worked involved. The big ass gun in the first picture isn't real and isn't at ATP, the rocket (or granade launcher, can't tell) isn't for sale but they will let you touch it. YAY!

  • goposuar

    Those prices. WTF! I hope they're MSRP.

  • guest

    I have a reason to go back down to South Carolina apparently! ^_^

    Oh, and all you gun haters, just remember. Guns aren't the problem. People are. If a person is going to commit a crime, it might be easier to do with a gun, but people will use knives as often as guns, because there are no restrictions on knife ownership. Should knives be outlawed too?

    Guns are a tool, the wrong people using guns are the problem.

  • Bongo

    Can someone please explain what the fuck is up with firearms in America? Really, I don't understand why everyone find them so cool.
    (I have one as I had to do the Swiss Army, and don't understant…)

  • lulz

    Funny, that store is like 20 min from my house.

  • Steel

    This is in Charleston, SC. It feels a bit odd recognizing a gun store. Eh…good times.

  • Addison Walker

    I'm Canadian and that just blew my mind. I need to go shopping.

  • Chrismiss

    They sell guns and booze in the same store in North Dakota haha
    its fucked

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #8 hey buddy can you hand me that gun up there…NO! not that one, the short one above it

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