A Swedish Chiver wasn’t happy with this photo, responded with chicks (20 Photos)

In yesterday's 'Randomness' I posted the photo above much to the dislike of the Swedes out there. One ruggedly handsome Swedish Chiver, Johan, sent me an email arguing,

"As a Swede I was upset to see the image in The Daily Afternoon Randomness Nov. 30th, #25, showing Sweden then and now. It is simply because Sweden is not filled with d-bags, but beautiful women. To show you what Sweden is actually about nowadays, please look at these images to see what we see every day when we turn on the TV."

  • plato

    sweden has a princess?

    • Low

      Sweden is a monarchy since over 500 years back, and we have 2 princesses.

    • Gandalf..

      Ya they do… 1s married 2nd isnt…

    • Markus

      yes we do and the one you see in the picture is single atm 🙂

      • joey

        and the second one wont be single for long, soon as I can find my passport

    • McAwesome

      dibs on single princess

  • uber guy


    • A BiPolar Guy


  • nathan

    thought's of Sweden retracted…

  • big D

    But Johan… most of these girls are probably dating the very same DB's

    • LOLWUT

      And he says this is sweedish TV. American TV and the 'merica posts on TheChive show two very different things.

    • Spencer Thomson

      doubt it. those d-bags are bangin eachother. i'm one of those swedish d-bags and yah were all fags

  • busted

    Solid rebuttal.

    • fortgatlin

      we stand erected

  • BigDingo

    Don't think anyone ever doubted the hotness of Swedish girls…

  • Jay

    mmm #2….

    • douche

      Elin Grindemyr

    • benz

      Played Lisbeth Salander in those Girl with the Dragon tattoo movies

  • nathan

    Johan is the guy in pic #1, in the middle, wearing the tie.

  • Long Duck Dong

    Who is #19? Anyone?

    • Anna

      It's Carin Da Silva (;

      • Donny G.

        She desirves her own thread!
        You here me Chive?

        • http://www.facebook.com/hellrysr Khaqan Javaid

          she IS a babe! own thread def

      • Kio

        Da Silva? lol Sounds Swedish allright.

  • Sven

    The first picture makes me so embarrassed to be a swede. The worst part is that it's a common sight on night clubs

    • Trixie

      No worries. In the USA we have New Jersey, where you would see the same thing except woth darker hair…and perhaps darker tans. I myself am not a fan of blanket statements. Good for you Sweden!

  • 123roasthim

    As a Swede myself, I would like to give Johan a very big internet high-five O/*O

  • HardCoreMike

    Dear Johan… Well played, sir. Well Played.

    (Thanksgiving may be over but I am thankful that Johan didn't whine up and down like some whiney douchebag and DEMAND the above mentioned random post be removed immediately under threat of law suit! LOL)

    • ron

      Not well played at all… his logic is totally faulty.

      Just because there might be some hot women in Sweden, doesn't mean the men can't be (mostly) dbags.

  • Giorgos

    number 10, helena paparizou, greek sweedish, just lovely. i find the non-blonde ones better than the blondes

    • tasos

      helena is the best of them all…………………

      • sotos

        trelos mounos

  • miknd

    Only #2 was anything special. I'd take hot Americans over swedes any day.

    • Jay

      19 too bro, 19.

  • Rich

    Helluva nice 'gap' on 15….but 19 FTW!

  • wowzamcgee

    Nom-Nom-Nom-ber 12!!!!

    • Babyfart McGeezax

      i totally agree. deserves her own post

  • Fisheyes

    So, those are the 20 hottest chicks in Sweden? 'Merica FTW

  • jej

    still think if it same way. a lot of photo shop in those pics.

  • drea

    Johan, the chive has time and tima again displayed the hottness of swedish women since ive been following, so there's no doubt Swedish woman are blessed. BUT, your argument would have been better if you posted a pick of say……YOU with a bunch of hot girls, not looking like a dbag. Unfortunately , by default I will still consider you a dbag lookin guy like the ones in the original post.

    • Ben

      Sorry Johan…but Drea is completely right..

    • Jim

      As a Swede.. I agree with Drea. We know what we got still they move? Hmm.. Shape up dude!

  • Mike

    # 3 looks like a tranny… other than that, very nice!

  • Sauru

    i love you #2

  • Guest

    Who is #12???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    Thank you, Swedish dudes, for looking like that. It means more hot Swedish chicks for the rest of us!

  • Joe

    Anyone else notice the suspiciously endowed forearms along with the chin in #6?

    • http://www.intoxicatedabroad.com mag

      and man-hands

    • Ben

      Haha thats funny I didnt notice that. She is very manish….

    • Sam

      i thought #10 was a Transsexual

    • Guz

      And where's the tits??

  • lordberic

    Every country has hot women, so we'll give it to ya. But the availability of hot women doesn't take away from the fact that you do indeed have D-bags in your country. And from the looks of it, super d-bags!!

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