A Swedish Chiver wasn’t happy with this photo, responded with chicks (20 Photos)

In yesterday's 'Randomness' I posted the photo above much to the dislike of the Swedes out there. One ruggedly handsome Swedish Chiver, Johan, sent me an email arguing,

"As a Swede I was upset to see the image in The Daily Afternoon Randomness Nov. 30th, #25, showing Sweden then and now. It is simply because Sweden is not filled with d-bags, but beautiful women. To show you what Sweden is actually about nowadays, please look at these images to see what we see every day when we turn on the TV."

  • Greg

    Sweden… ahhh.

  • Spencer Thomson

    yah the girls are hot but the guys are still d-bags. also i like to stick dicks in my ass,

  • TexasDross

    Proves nothing other than the facts we knew. A country filled with hotties not being serviced. D-bags are servicing other d-bags.
    I'm moving to Sweden!

  • roddy

    Sweden: Home of the hottest girls and the douchiest of douche bags

  • Drewggles

    it saddens me to think all those beautiful women only have douchebags to choose from in their home country, oh, that's why they come to America, we may be fat, but we have less douchebags per capita haha

  • http://twitter.com/txt2verse @txt2verse

    Why does #5 look familiar?

  • http://www.facebook.com/WBCenobyte Tim Grubbert

    Need name of #2, or i'll burn down theChive.

  • steve

    Nice job Johan…..I have always loved the scandinavian babes

  • V.Putin

    Da! I stomped through sweden year of last. It is full of hot sexy ladies and men that look like ladies from 100 foot away. Whoever is mad at sweden then/now must have rubbed off his blush before sending complaint. I thought about taking over country, but would have no use for so many sissyboys in new military.

  • Doughy

    Number four is Canadian. Dumb swede

    • kent

      She was born in Sweden, therefore her genetics and looks are Swedish and not Canadian.. (most Canadians being British or French in descent).

      Dumb Canadian.

  • kent

    What I find funny is that almost every chive submission with pictures of hot chicks, and almost all of the "find her" results… the hot chicks are Americans. Yet nobody attributes it to the US.

    There's this weird thing going on with anti-Americanism where even people who will drool over American chicks will never make the connection between the girls looks and her nationality. But if the chicks are from any other country, nobody will have any problem saying "Swedish chicks are hot" or whatever.

  • wtf??

    Swedish Bond girl is actually Polish Bond girl

  • ryan

    the only thing i ever knew about sweeden was blonde girls

  • Drmzindec

    I want to move there now!

  • Nicko

    I agree with Big D. I'm an englishman living in sweden, and i have to agree with the chive in a way. coz so many dudes here are d-bags and hipsters….. but i have to correct the Swedish guy, because not only do we see girls like this every day on tv, we see them every day at work/ town/ on the bus/ at the clubs ect. Thumbs up for Swedish galz!

  • urmomgagsonit

    swedish chicks can gargle my balls like Johan can

  • Palio Loumpina

    # 10 is Elena Paparizou she is Greek.

  • Arvanitis

    11 -> Elena Paparizou. She is 100% Greek (or black-head as you prefer to call diminishingly Greeks).

    • Arvanitis

      Mea culpa… 10-> Elena Paparizou 🙂

  • Roso

    I don't remember anyone saying anything about the chicks. The dudes ares til gay as fuck though.

  • tictac

    Dear Johan….I have to agree, your country have beautiful girls…but swedish man still DBs dear! As a woman I can't understand the orange tan, the duck faces, the OMG hair, and the clothes….Sorry!

  • Lish

    #17 – she is polish, not swedish

  • jamie

    thats what you see on tv, but the douches still look like that on the street

  • mrca!

    As an American living in Sweden, Johan is right about the hotness of the women.

    However, the photo still stands as a prime example of the majority of young swedish men. greasy 08's ftw.

    For the knockout rebuttal to his rebuttal, check out Sweden's own version of the Jersey Shore. which you will see if you turn on Swedish TV.

    “Kungarna av Tylösand"

  • 8888

    Yeah, that might be what you see on TV, but go to the streets and you will see a bunch of cigaretes smoking, constantly spitting girls and women who look nothing like these in the pictures.

  • Meh...

    Not impressed. Considering the hottest one of the bunch (Malin Ackerman) is Canadian!

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