A Swedish Chiver wasn’t happy with this photo, responded with chicks (20 Photos)

In yesterday's 'Randomness' I posted the photo above much to the dislike of the Swedes out there. One ruggedly handsome Swedish Chiver, Johan, sent me an email arguing,

"As a Swede I was upset to see the image in The Daily Afternoon Randomness Nov. 30th, #25, showing Sweden then and now. It is simply because Sweden is not filled with d-bags, but beautiful women. To show you what Sweden is actually about nowadays, please look at these images to see what we see every day when we turn on the TV."

  • Mia

    no.17 is actually a Polish actress Isabella Scorupco 😉

  • Virn

    You know what, that Sweden: before-now picture are 100% true. I live in sweden and everytime i go outside i want throw up.
    The streets are filled with dbags and chicks who slept with more guys before they´re even 15 than an american pornstar and they are even glad to admit it, infact they fuck around just for showup.
    Swedish girls are not fine, 90% of them want to look like picture #21 in the same daily random post and the guys think they are some kind of kings, it´s disgusting.

  • mmfb


  • Azurescens

    Aww…poor Swede got all butt-hurt. There are hot chicks and douche bags just about everywhere. Calm down, dude.

  • gothenburg,se

    7 is Kenza Zouiten

    she even has her own show with another hot swede…

    here's her blog: kenzas.se

  • jfk

    please find #10!!!!

  • asd

    you would have ugly women like we have in Britain if the vikings didn't save you >.<

  • AtomManhattan

    I'd bang Malin Akerman silly, IDK about you guys, but she is a fine piece of woman, that's for sure…

  • Naz1962

    What, no mention of #7 ?? This girl is the hottest one of'em all!

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  • Amelia K.

    I'm a girl, and I could not take my eyes off of #14…

  • meg

    number 17 is not swedish..she is polish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izabella_Scorupco

  • Sploodge

    well met sir… well met

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  • Always Last


  • Paul

    Ok, but what do you see when you go outside … DOUCHEBAGS

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