Before they were pros – how many McDonald’s All Americans can you name?

Before they were making millions in the pros, they were high school seniors playing in the McDonald’s All American Games. How many of these dudes look familiar to you? I'm actually heading back to my old hood of Chicago to attend the games on March 30. If you're in Chi-town, tickets just went on sale to the public today at Also, if you like to feel warm and fuzzy inside, all proceeds from the Games go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

  • whitetrash

    They aren't all the same person……Right?

    • whitetrash

      Wow that sounded racist… Not what I meant.

  • guest

    you don't have to name them. the image files have their names and when you hover over them with Chrome, the names show up…

    • Gregory Nelson Courtney

      you can do that with any browser, but yeah.

  • BigDingo

    This post… I'm loathin' it (bah dah, dah dah dah)

  • Maqda7

    The NBA has become horrid. I haven't watched it in so long I completely forgot who most of these guys are.
    Except Chris Paul, he's a beast.

    • Greg

      How do you know how horrid it is if you don't watch it? It's actually a lot better than it was in the few years post-Jordan.

    • sock_puppet

      Agreed Maqda7. This joke of a sport has become nothing but a league full of guys who just care about "LOOK AT ME!!! ME. ME. ME!!!'. Even as an American, there's nothing better in all of sports than to see these primadonnas lose in the Olympics to some 3rd world country. The only other sport I detest more is the WNBA – a league that only exists due to millions of dollars of subsidizing by the NBA in an attempt to shove women's basketball down our throats. I'd rather watch soccer than basketball.

  • Sal

    Paul Pierce looks like a Wayans brother

  • blake honda

    I know most of them since I watch Nba basketball a lot. There are some that I'm unsure off but there's a good possibility that i got it right. If people can fill in what 2 and 20 is, just reply back.

    1. Shaq
    3. A'mare Stoudemire
    4. Baron Davis?
    5. Blake Griffith
    6. Candice Parker
    7. Carlos Boozer
    8. Carmelo Anthony
    9. Chris Paul
    10. Andre Iguodala?
    11. Derrick Rose
    12. Dwight Howard
    13. Issiah Thomas?
    14. Kevin Durrant
    15. Kevin Garnett?
    16. Kevin Love
    17. Kobe Brayant
    18. Lebron James
    19. Derrick Rose (again!!!)
    21. Rajon Rando
    22. Tyler Hansborough
    23. Vince Carter?
    24. Magic Johnson

    • blake honda

      or the ones that i got wrong 😛

      • Guest

        2. Alonzo Mourning
        10. Derrick Favors
        19. Michael Beasley
        20. Paul Pierce.

        • guest

          20. guarded by antoine jamison

        • Dave23

          good call on Beasly thought it was D Rose again too

    • equalizermax

      Hint: hover your mouse at the picture…

      • blake honda

        i didn't want to cheat. 😛

  • Head Chef

    Whats basketball?

  • vince

    When the greedy bastards get locked out next year and they're playing with scrubs, it'll be, "How many of these former janitors and bag boys can you name?"

    • STFU or GTFO

      Yeah, those greedy bastards who are able to command 6000 bucks for the cheapest floor seat at a Laker game this season. They dont do anything but fill arenas with 15-20000 fans. stupid players. How's that awesome 30,000 grand a year youre making doing?

  • St.Christopher

    Slaves to American Corporation, No one will complain because this time they are making money.

    • raging clue

      Which I guess wouldnt make them slaves, right? I wish I was telented enough to do what they do, just sayin

  • Locode

    Some of these guys look a lot older than high school age. No wonder some of them don't bother with college after leaving high school, as by the time they'd be finished they'd be close to 30.

  • Sizzle

    Eh the NBA sucks, anyway. Much prefer college basketball. Or football, for that matter.

    • Awesome.

      Football yes…basketball… If I want to see games that end 45- 52 i'll watch my son play at the boys and girls club.


    Wow LeBron had a lot more hair back then. That balding loser, what a joke

  • Razor

    They all look familar and none of them look familar. Beacuse they all look the samw 🙂

  • femtrooper

    Nope, but I enjoyed the derp faces.

  • zym

    Wow, Isiah Thomas was part of a basketball program that he did not ruin. Amazing happened.

    • Hammer Time

      Don't forget about the Pistons!!! Bad Boys!! You're right he screwed up the Knicks pretty bad.

  • El BrandO

    I never took you guys for basketball fans. Nice to know.

  • MSkeet

    4 is a carry

  • 70chip

    #2-Alonzo Mourning

  • Rolis

    The only one i did not know was Favors, everybody else was recognizable due to their status in the NBA today, you should have put up the flops, the ones that were the best in HS but never turned that into a successful NBA career, yeah yeah yeah i know they play overseas like Iverson and Marbury

  • Shoestring

    Does Hansborough have downs?

  • jaredallas

    Come on… Use some Joe Kleins and Yinka Dares next time, to make this thing interesting!

    2. Zo Mourning
    3. Amar'e Stoudemire
    4. Baron Davis
    5. Blake Griffin
    6. Candace Parker
    7. Carlos Boozer
    8. Carmello Anthony
    9. Chris Paul
    10. Derrick Favors
    11. Derrick Rose
    12. Dwight Howard
    13. Isiah
    14. Kevin Durant
    15. Garnett
    16. Kevin Love
    17. Kobe Bryant
    18. LeBronica
    19. Michael Beasly
    20. Paul Pierce
    21. Rajon Rondo
    22. Tyler Hansbrough (Really? Hansbrough?)
    23. Vince Carter
    24. #11 is Magic, I don't know the other guy but he looks familiar

  • phlail

    #16-Judo CHOP!

  • minnesota

    Love for Kevin Love. Love it.

  • LArry

    NBA used to be awesome…..a bunch of wannabe thugs who are scared to get their hands dirty and play Defense….These guys wouldn't last a season in the 80's NBA.

    • jaredallas

      Being that wrong requires an effort, so kudos on that. Have you managed to avoid every single NBA game for the past 15 years? Did you just read some hater propaganda to prep for this? Who's a thug? Ron Artest was… let's see, JR Smith pretends he is… That's pretty freaking much it. You want to see thugs, watch the NFL or MLB.

      The 80s? You mean when Alex English was the top scoring player? Do you even know who he is? And Defense now is better than ever, with multitudes of zone and hard-nosed man to man a part of about 3/5 of the league.

  • llama beans

    I think they are all Shaquille O'Neal. Even the white guys.

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