Before they were pros – how many McDonald’s All Americans can you name?

Before they were making millions in the pros, they were high school seniors playing in the McDonald’s All American Games. How many of these dudes look familiar to you? I'm actually heading back to my old hood of Chicago to attend the games on March 30. If you're in Chi-town, tickets just went on sale to the public today at Also, if you like to feel warm and fuzzy inside, all proceeds from the Games go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.


    #10 is Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks, not Igoudala or Favors


    just kidding actually, it is Favors

  • Royce

    I thought # 10 was Nick Cannon

  • John Whitsel

    Candace Parker is hot.

  • BloodScrubber

    Millionaires for playing with balls. Might as well *try to be …porn stars.

  • reader

    its sad for me to find out that chivers are a bunch of racists who don't know sh*t about sports (apologies to the few who can name these players). I guess Chive posts starwars junk everyday for a reason

  • Ariel

    Melo looks like a girl hahahahahaha

  • fyngyrz

    McDonald's All-Americans — Oh, I know this one. Here we go:

    1) The guy who invented the cheeseburger – has to be #1
    2) The guy who invented the happy meal (currently out of favor in Cali)
    3) The guy who came up with the breakfast menu
    4) The guy who invented the big mac
    5) The guy who invented the McRib
    6) The guy who came up with the Monopoly game
    7) The guy who came up with the "coke glasses" promotion
    8) The guy who came up with the original fry formula
    9) The guy who said "Healthy!?!? No, we'll infuse everything with FAT!"
    10) And of course, the guy who started the franchise.

    That's it, right? Totally nailed it. Oh, yeah.

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