Brand new Google Earth treasures in high-res -Part 1 (30 photos)

  • javier


    • Phil

      Party time! Excellent!

    • mouse209

      double win if Aurora, Illinois

  • dubya

    #21… Aw shit, the smoke monster from lost got loose again

  • waryee

    How much do u think #3 costs?

    • johndory

      free! as long as u say surprise..

    • a BiPolar guy

      tree fitty

    • bella

      not much, but the herpes will last a lifetime!!

  • zero

    I love the world we live in

  • Ben

    Number 29 is awesome! Wheres that street??

    • Thomas

      Ménez Ham
      29890 Kerlouan, France
      02 98 83 93 22

      you're welcome 😉

  • Catence

    wow…just wow. What a world.

  • BigDingo

    An awesome cross-section of the human experience.

  • Shabaaz Mohammed

    which place is #26

    • javier

      macau airport, plane is taxiing to runway

      • Jen

        how do you know this shit?

  • Jordan

    number 2 is in northern ireland and i know this because i live in that street! Them guys are cunts

    • Grimmo

      wow small world

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    On behalf of the rest of the UK, I humbly apologise for 2 and 24.

    I am really sorry.

    They have now been listed for 'removal'.

  • landomcdando


  • chrisdg74

    16 – Now the entire world can see how hard you fail.
    19 – Party on Wayne.
    Party on Garth.

  • Sizzle

    16 WTF did you crash into? There's nothing else there!

  • MBSall

    Number 22 looks, hmm, familiar!

  • femtrooper

    28 looks like win. 😀

  • johndory

    #2 god dam chavs

  • schwim

    #1 Other than being alight, it looks like a fine specimen of a type 2.

    I almost torched one myself. It seems that the nipple that the fuel line attaches to has a habit of coming loose of the carburetor, spewing fuel all over the engine compartment.

  • equalizermax

    #16 – It's the Google Van's fault.

  • God

    Some nice tushies there

  • Guest

    #22 is where Google Earth brings you if you type in STD's.

    • Guest

      Those are in Amsterdam. Those hookers were the first I saw in my life. And they were disgusting, and now I can revisit these lovely bitches on The Chive/Google Earth.

  • zed

    #12 is Toronto. The guy's name is Steve. He – as can be seen, is quite the character.

  • FartFace

    19 is by far the best. I was wondering where Wayne and Garth got off to.

  • Juan

    #27 Is Chicago, right around the corner from Wrigley Field.

    • Peter

      Roscoe Village FTW!!


    I wish they had Hooker's like that where I live. The only ones I ever see are nasty black crack whores.
    I think prostitution should be legal, it would mean more tax revenue!!!

    • HellHath NoFury


  • Bob in accounting

    wtf is #30?

    • mouse209

      Captcha Avenue!

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