Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • danny

    I would destroy Flo

    • james

      I'd give it to her rotten, man

    • DaddyD

      More likely, she would sell you inadequate coverage.

      • spork murder

        o lol'd now my wife thanks im crazy…and by wife i mean dog…and by dog i mean scooby do stuffed animal…ok its a hand towel with the word susie written on it…

    • bloody vag

      Some women call their periods Aunt Flo, as in "sorry honey no sex this week Aunt Flo is in town")…having said that, all I can think of when I see flo in a commercial…is a Bloody Vagina…weird, yes…but someone else will now be afflicted,and probably hate those commercials as much as I do.

      • John

        Nope, still just you.

      • Ballzonya

        You mean a bloody bajingo doesn't turn you on?

    • do it

      screw that. #1, white dress…ALL DAY!

    • The Kaiser

      Funny fuckin post and follow ups, nice work guys

  • Toby

    somebody draw #7 and send it to the chive. I wanna see that

    • SweetAwesomeness

      hahahah!!! yes my suggestion made it in a post!!! i swear if i could draw i would….hopefully a Chiver out there fulfills my wishes!!! and i do expect partial credit on that plaque!

      • Steve

        Done did it.

      • Alex

        I drew one up and sent it to the Chive. I hope they post it and I hope you like it.

  • demitrus

    I always hated Ed Hardy

    • DollarBillUK

      Anyone with a sense of style agrees with you. Ed Hardy sucks.

    • ron

      I swear… that scar on her lower back looks like a bullet wound. What else could make a scar like that? Tramp is living "in the hood" getting shot, and wearing Ed Hardy.

      BECAUSE she was wearing Ed Hardy ?

      • Liz

        Actually this pic was stolen, it's not Ed Hardy it's a Sinful bikini and Skin Cancer is the cause of my scar!! but thanks fellows… chic can't get love even on a stolen pic…Damn!


  • Shoestring

    More like Ed Hardly

    • Stevo

      manky, isn't it?

    • CalculatedRisk

      Or, in this case, Ed Scardy…

  • Markus

    16 is creeping me out… is something trapped in her back and is trying to escape?

    • Drew

      looks like a bag of doorknobs from here

    • Rod

      It's called cancer, that scar is from the removal of a growth. Very common amongst beach girls.

      • busted

        No, Its called an exit wound; very common amongst bro hoes.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Sarah Palin in 28… it's true what they say: women, like wine, get better with age… and give me a boner.

    • Dave

      Sarah Palin looked a hell of a lot like Marcy Darcy back in the day

      • 6655321

        The shit is amusing, but it shows she was retarded then too. The comma on her shirt is in the wrong place.

    • vince

      Sarah- I'd do her 7 days a week, and twice on Sunday.

  • quintus

    Grandma's Dead is a good book.

  • Westy

    I would trust 34 if they weren't drinking "hard" lemonade

  • jmmillerfzr

    #36 made my day…

  • J-man85

    Nailin' Palin

    • CalculatedRisk

      Or Impalin' Sarah

      • Six

        You don`t watch much porn, do you?

  • for real

    Tap the gap

  • tommy john

    Vag Gap —————–>

  • Bdrizzle

    Good post, I'm always in a better mood when the randomness includes so many beautiful women. ….Could have done w/out the beiber tho :/

    • Link 2 the past

      Does it feel better to know that little douche has a tiny penis?

      • Flicka

        Does it feel better to know he prolly nailed both them chicks anyway?

  • Dave

    Theres 2 thing I really hate in this world.
    Ed Hardy and Justin Bieber.
    Both are in this post..damnit.

    But I watched south park season 14 episode C**n vs. C** & friends and saw Cartman with a hell monster killing Justin Bieber. It makes my day.

    • Dave

      Sorry Chivers, it's coon vs coon and friends, dunno wtf lol (just thinking welcome to facebook) good one btw, wtf is wrong with my keyboard.

  • 100-Watt Warlock

    I love the randoms
    I love that chick's titties
    I love the GIFs posts
    The dogs and the kitties
    I love the whole Chive
    and all the shit it brings
    Boom-de-ah-da, boom-de-ah-da
    Boom-de-ah-da, boom-de-ah-da

    • Obadiaha

      you just ear-bombed the whole internet!!!

    • Stubb

      You win this cookie filled with tiny internets.

  • Me.

    I didn't know Justin Bieber liked girls?!
    Think i saw a spark of lust in his eyes, or is it because Kobe Bryant is sitting next to those fine pieces of meat?

    • nibbler

      I didn't know Justin Bieber was a lesbian looking lustfully at girls like that

  • Will

    first time 'chiver' here. The radio DJ's in my hometown (Buffalo) we're talking about the Daily Afternoon Randomness being the closest thing to internet nirvana you can get. they are not far off

    • Lisa_Martin

      Welcome to the best 6 minutes of my internet day Will. Be sure to read the fine print if you ever submit a pic. Here's the latest "Terms of uploading photos:" thing. God love them.

      "Rober Media LLC has the right to edit and/or alter any submission. Rober Media LLC reserves the right not to use the submission at all and/or to use as much or as little of the submission as it chooses.

      All photos Rober Media deems boring, stupid, redundant, unoriginal, and not funny, we reserve the right to throw darts at them until we get bored.

      Lisa edit-a bunch of legal crap

      Anyone submitting photos to Us also agrees to name their first born son, or daughter, Leo and second born child, John. If you stop reproducing after the first child, you must agree to acquire a Panda Bear from China and name it John.

      Rober Media not only owns the rights to any photos you upload, but also owns the rights to your mom. Should We wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your mom, and any claim you or your family may have on her, within 5 (five) working days of receiving written notification from Rober Media. In the event your dad or your mom's parent(s) intervene and claim joint-ownership of your mom, Rober Media reserves the right to bitch slap them and give all parties Justin Beiber haircuts. If, upon receiving your mom, she attempts to leave theChive's kitchen, where she belongs, she too will be given a Justin Beiber haircut."

      So if you're the oldest, and you like being "Will", you better make damn sure your pics are funny. 😀 Welcome to the Chive. 🙂 lol

      • Will

        LoL, that's genuinely funny. I intern at the radio station and I'll be sure to pass their 'term' on to the DJ's. I'm sure they'll eat it up.

  • Bisketz

    #36 proves that there is a heaven.

    • Flicka

      …and it's right where you think it is…

  • Del

    25 is great

    • stuntdouble

      Completely staged, but yeah. (real windows would shatter glass, not be so easily pushed out.)

      • stuntdouble'sdouble

        Further, the windows don't match.The window on the left has a wooden cross section in the center. The one on the right is solid fake glass.

        • fakegifkiller

          Also, the printer he throws conveniently has no cables attached, though it has paper, giving the illusion of being in use.

  • punch a hoe

    They may be young and not quite dumb but I bet they’re full of cum

  • Whubbsie

    I'd do Palin now or then… as long as she doesn't talk… cos if she did I'd feel guilty for fucking a retard.

    • Bill


    • TheDonger

      Don't feel bad – you'd get over it just like I did when banging your mom. I only quit hitting that cause I discoverd her birth canal was a portal for escaping retards.

  • Atomatodd

    Even Sarah Palin's shirts fail at the English language. What the fuck is that comma doing after but?

    As for 34, you are indeed young, but your choice of Smirnoff Ice proves you are also dumb.

    • Nolok

      Next time you try to call someone dumb for drinking something, make sure you say the right drink. She is holding a Mike's Hard Lemonade, not a Smirnoff Ice.

      • Jimmy

        both of you just got F's on your gay tests.

        • Atomatodd

          you win.

      • Atomatodd

        yeah, sorry, I guess that made me look dumb. Only idiots can't tell the difference between the two.

    • futuresoldier

      She isnt drinking anything at all. The cap is still on it. But I agree with her being dumb, especially because she had the need to include that in her picture.

      • Flicka

        If a chick has to tell you she's young and not dumb…

  • Kyle

    #25 is the single funniest thing I've seen in ages.

    • buzzkiller

      Fake, but funny

  • Deran

    Sometimes the chive unloads both barrels

  • Kyle

    And #31… "Sup, ladies."

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