Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • dwh101

    28 – Sarah – Would I? – Then AND Now!

  • P90

    #38 is perfection.

  • theone

    sarah palin as a teen hells yea i would and now as a milf hells yea i would too

  • Herm23

    Have you ever been so scared that you threw a printer through your own window so you could escape out of it? Great GIF.

  • Truth.Inc

    Anyone know who the brunette is in #9 with Bieber? He is unworthy of her smile!

  • snorker

    I think the correct term for #36 is "Hi-box" ;D

  • http://twitter.com/elcocov @elcocov


  • MMAN87

    #15 YESS!!! Takes me back to the Japanese part of my childhood, good times 🙂 And #25 made me laugh my head off!

  • Htownpunk

    #13 – If there is such a thing…..yes.

  • bigfoot

    Make a whole thread about chicks with THE GAP

  • northerner

    #38, if she isn't she's dang close…

  • walkingdeadonline

    LOVE the gap.

    Can we get a whole post of vag gap?

  • http://Chive Dgafdave

    Number 36 is what we need more of!!! Thats one lickable gap!!!

  • no more palin

    #28 would i what? curb-stomp her? Yes… yes I would.

  • For Realsies

    To #34: Yeah you are drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and straddling a boat…I'm pretty sure you as dumb as you look.

  • Ben

    I want #25 America pants

  • Cornerkick215

    #21- not bad Flo!

  • Jeff Albertson

    #35 find her…?

  • Durp

    #28 The answer is hell yes.

  • jim

    #28 Absolutely.

  • just saying

    You are young and should give it up to as many dudes as you can before no one wants it!

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