For those who didn’t get the memo, Victoria’s Secret just had a fashion show (35 Photos)

Let me be upfront, going to a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is high on my bucket list (right behind meeting Hugh and his bunnies at the mansion). This year it was Katy Perry and Akon who performed on the runway. But we all know the real stars of the show were the “angels.” Enjoy.

  • Mikey WINS

    My brain stopped working and my pants feel weird.

    • Don Schwartz

      These women do nothing 4 me…seriously- I need a nice round ass, nice smile and a girl that knows how to f@ck-

  • nathan

    to be honest I would take katy over any of the angels. …she's smokin

    • Slappy McGee

      The things I would eat out of her ass…You have no idea.

      • TurkeyBaster

        My money is on Russell Brands man-joose. Not so much eating it but sucking it

      • tazz

        i dont think those are milk duds shes got stashed back there slappy but oh well knock yourself out!!

    • HellHath NoFury

      She has better, meatier legs than any of those women, but I'm not knockin them, either!

  • equalizermax

    Nobody get the Memo chive.

    That is why it's called Victoria's SECRET FASHION SHOW…

  • refsgh

    Katy for the Win

  • V.A.


  • Mirror Man

    The circus came to town?

    • vince

      To say the least.
      In reality, if your woman came into the bedroom dressed like any of these girls, chances are, you'd have her committed to an institution (right after boinking her brains out).

      • kris

        Thats the point of a fashion show. Fantasy. They are just kinda like concept cars if your into cars. They dont actually sell these.

  • gafer

    GIFS in the futrue?

    • gafer


      • Popsicle Pete

        Douche bag

  • Brandon Reinhart

    I prefer our wonderful chivettes

    • brian

      second that!

  • hitman219

    Someone get those coke-heads a platter of cheeseburgers…STAT!!



    • bob the builder

      you are probably fat

  • GTO

    The things I would do to Adriana Lima……

  • Dallas Huybregts

    I know Adriana Lima is considered one of the most beautiful looking women in the world, but there's something about her face that reminds be of Condoleezza Rice, which is a total boner killer.

    • Bob in accounting

      Also since having a kid, her belly is pretty weird looking.

    • BaJezzus

      and you can both hand in your man cards. sorry to be the one to tell you. 😦

      • top dog

        Condoleezza Rice, thats is funny, HAAAAAHAHA!!! But actually, she look a hellava lot better than Condoleezza Rice to me, and sexier.

    • bob the builder

      The fact that you fuck dudes is what actually kills your boner

  • Dozer

    It's fine they let them wear those stupid looking costumes but it's not fine when those stupid looking costumes start to cover up their "secrets".

  • B-Rad

    #31….demonstrating the fine line between duck-face and blowing a kiss. Ladies….take notes.

  • Keith Piscitelli

    my head just exploded, and the one on my shoulders isn't fairing too well either…

  • Robert

    These Victoria Secret girls are looking a little too muscular these days. It takes away from their femininity. That's kind of a turn off.

    • HellHath NoFury

      True, it's good to be in shape, but they shouldn't look like those cracked-out female bodybuilders. Women are supposed to have a little sumthin to grab.

      • Joeyk

        I'll drink to that

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    13, ftw.

    • K lew

      13 stopped me dead for 3 minutes

  • Danny Lewis

    This is how I like my Katy Perry……not being able to talk/sing or Russel Brand.

  • Paz

    Katy Perry was hotter than most those chicks. Also, I was disappointed in the lack of butt in the show…

  • drunk emo kid


  • BaJezzus

    This is not in HD why?

  • Danny P

    Rainbow bright leggings FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • qwerty

      wish i could thumbs this up more than once

  • GTO


    Hot, homeless, gay pride gargoyle? Is that fashionable?

    still hit it though…

  • Danny P

    Katy Perry is so fucking overrated. Her music is beyond terrible and sure she's hot, but to throw her up against any of these super models is retarded.

  • Cait

    Wow I wish that any of you guys took the time to work on your bodies like we women do, especially them…and try watching the actual show and you will fully understand how beautiful these women are. It's funny how condescending you are just because you can't get girls like these 🙂

    • "we women"

      yeah, like how all the guys on Jersey shore are so beautiful…if you just took the time!!

      • Cait

        Except the guys on the Jersey shore are nottt attractive. I like my men not burnt to a crisp, please.

  • qwerty

    Could only be better if it were HQ

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