I hated flying until I found this calendar (12 photos)

  • Mr. A

    so… which airline is this???

  • randomdreamr

    Sign me up for the mile high club

  • Brad

    Looks like pat downs and body scans are no longer needed for these women. And as a passenger, I'm liking the view already.

  • Stubb

    Why is she wearing a life vest when there's no water for miles and miles?

    • lxe

      Why is she on an engine with the plane at altitude? Why isn't she inside the plane serving me my sandwich?

  • BigDingo

    Hmm, more themed sexy lady posts?

    • BigDingo

      My answer is yes, please.

  • Keith

    Add #5 and #10 to a list of horrible photoshops.

    • Big_Hairy_Si

      And add Keith to the "Failed the Gay Test" list.

      • Jimmy

        He failed the gay test from the beginning when his parents named him Keith.

        • Keith

          Yea, I'm gay.. That's why I come to theChive to stare at boobs all day.

      • Keith

        I didn't say anything against the women in the pics.. just the quality of the pics. I'd do them all, on the planes but I'll stick with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendars instead.

  • tommybhoy

    If they done this on real flights….no one would complain, air travel numbers will sky rocket and a few guys will have a mess in their pants.
    Cant see what the problem is?

  • E-Money

    Such nice asses!

  • Buceante

    It's a calendar from Ryanair, made a couple of years ago with the hottest spanish flight attendants from that company.

    • stafferty

      Ryanair is headquartered in Dublin. If they released it most likely would have been in English. More likely Iberia or Spanair. Regardless whoever put it out is my new favorite airline.

  • thedarktroy

    Chive, did u fire ur BR??? good for u !!!

  • boobman

    Fluff your pillow, would you like some nuts?

  • mipo2010

    Diciembre looks like it's gonna be a good month

  • johndory

    come on lucky number 7

  • sss

    #10 is highly irresponsible

  • DaddyD


    • a BiPolar guy

      meh? hem ahem aha you are blind or way to picky as you are Adrian Lima's boyfriend

  • metalcool36

    Damn….. I knew I should have flown fist class

  • Long Duck Dong

    Well something is now in the upright position I can tell you that.

  • Kris Coleman

    photoshopped like mad. every picture is! least they could do is get the girls naked on a real plane

  • Kay

    Saw this in the news it's an airline from Spain. the models do work as flight assistants.

  • realirony

    gawd bless the spanish and their hot women

  • parker

    oh hell yes

  • ale

    Mexicana de aviación is also doing it… apparently, it dosen´t matter anymore, cause the company is broke.

  • dajesus

    Dios mio, amigo. Dios mio.

  • equalizermax

    They only serve on First-class

  • SweetAwesomeness

    this is probably the best chance they will get to convince anybody to fly to mexico!!

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