I have a crick in my neck from lookin’ at these girls with lower back problems (30 Photos)

  • Letitzia

    2,11, 23. End of story.

    • AshErin

      u like little girls

    • swinglow

      Oh how I love spherical silicone mounds jutting from a woman's chest…nope- all girls w fake tits are goddamn freaks-

      • Brooke

        amen to that.

    • Guz

      23 looks about 14.

      • LeastICouldDo

        Not the same, 23 has a set of photos on websites and has been posted on here before. Has a photoshop fail one as well.
        I was wondering who 2 was as well.

        • Bella

          He's talking about her age being 14.

          And it's possible. When I was 14 I was a 34D.

  • R. Wiggum

    MOOAARR # 2 and 23 !!!

    • A. González

      I agree with you!!!

      MOOAARR # 2 and 23 !!!

    • jack i

      so much power in 23 everyone overlooked a blatant duck face….

      • nathan

        theres a face in that picture?

    • Bella

      I love how #23 has a cross necklace yet poses like a slut.

      I mean, I have big boobs, so I get how cleavage shows easily, but I don't take photos like that.

      When I turn 18, photos going to the Chive.

      • DonkeyPunchofDOOM

        Wait, you call her a slut for posing like that, but then you say that when you turn 18, you're sending pics into Chive? What are you gonna wear, a sweater?

    • LukasS

      23 is Jaime Laycock

  • Ben

    Number 23….total boulders. Love it

    • Ben

      And 24

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.davis.1989 Douglas Davis

    MOAR #2 #11 and #21

    • Agreed

      for more 11 see 10 & 14. Chive regular and English Rose, Rosie Jones.

    • moop

      # 21 = angie varona

      • weenis

        # 21 is all kinds of shopped. #22 is a tad enhanced as well, but 21 was shopped by a definite n00b

  • Steve

    would love a collection that were all natural….no implants and no photoshop!

    • Not Again

      And no Duckfaces!

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        if i can touch them they are real enuff for me…

    • llama beans

      I agree. Don't like the look of gigantic fake tits. My girl has double d's and I love the way they hang down naturally.

    • Brooke

      Seriously! Real boobs are beautiful, small, medium sized, large… fake boobs disgust me. I would much rather see a chick with natural A cups naked instead of a super fake implanted D Cup whore on the bed.

  • Big Los

    I got a thing for the hood rats…I would run wreck on #20

  • Ryan

    #1… FIND MOAR #1… MORE #1!!!!!!!!!!

    • andysniper

      google 'epic boobs girl'.
      you can thank me later

      • Guest

        Same pose, different girls though. The 'Epic Boob Girl' is called Alix Bromley and has a less cute face than the boob girl on this pic #1

    • ravi

      very very brod boobs

  • Todd

    nice piercing on #12

    • abdul

      you are very hot …

    • aslam

      hi sexy meet me . i can not live w out u .

  • diallingwand

    I approve that three of these are Rosie Jones

  • http://www.facebook.com/drawingbored Patrick Wichert

    i can has 2 and 21? find more of these two girls!!!!!

    • Cam

      21 and 22 are the same person…Angie Varona

  • Chiver

    Sucks, again

  • egomednog

    23 is lorena frias gallegos… hot as balls

  • Jmac2586

    #8 makes the world a better looking place : ) Def would love to see more of her!!!

    • Sslssl

      She's in a video called "hottest girl on Youtube" on youtube. Very attractive.

    • Garry

      Ashton Von

    • John Utah

      I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating cookies, True story.

    • http://www.facebook.com/raja.khurram.752 Raja Khurram

      you are to hot can i hug you

  • BigDingo

    DAMN YOU CHIVE, it's too early for morning wood…

    • just-sayin'

      But it's never too early for morning glory…

    • iamfwomwome

      um. Morning wood is there waiting for us to wake up. or do you log in and surf chive before getting out of bed?

  • johnny

    Isn't it funny that whenever the chive does hot girl galleries, a porn blog with a similar set up posts half of them first?

  • effemel

    as amazing as these girls look, I prefer the ones that are just you regular girls next door (#2 & 22) instead of some of the other airbrushed and/or fake ones

    • ravi

      sexy look………..

    • skinnykin

      I agree. The everyday girls are much more appealing than the professional models.

    • ali

      preaty girl
      this is my id:ali_xp42@yahoo.com

  • jmega

    so apparently there is a dog in 22 I completely missed the first 400 times i looked at it

  • Branden

    I'll be the first to say #20 MOAR!!!

    • isawoj

      She's almost as ugly as #14. No thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theredprophet Eric Larson

    MOAR #2!!!

    Rosie Jones will never get old.

    • asif

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    • Hassan

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  • LULZ

    MOAR 2!!!!! What is wrong with you guys and the liking the little kids??? MORE 2 AND 8!!!!

    • kanhiya

      hi i am kanhaiya

  • SMJ

    MORE #21!!!!!!!!

    • E-Money

      Yes! WHo is she? Such a cutie. FIND!

      • moop

        angie varona

        • creepin

          yeah but where the hell are these new pictures from??????

          MOAAAR!!!!!!! I WANT A FULL BLOWN GALLERY OF #21 if its really Angie!!!!

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    • Roman

      I love u

  • Brad

    #2 and 18 – very nice!

    • ariyann

      your boobs is very nice. i went to touch of your boobs?

    • Roman

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  • blake honda

    there are a lot of reasons why girls, who visit theChive, had suddenly turned into lesbians.

  • boobman

    It would be better if they were all amateurs.

  • ClariseStarling

    moar 19, 25, 28

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